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New cs siggy. what cha think?

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Feb 23, 2003
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GohanSSJ said:
Yikes.... the cutting out is extremely poorly done, and the background is crap, only thing decent is the font you used, then again that doesn't involve much skill...

Oh and a good size would be something like 500x120

bit harsh tbh :tp:

p.s i think its pretty cool
Sep 10, 2003
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-Strider- said:
bit harsh tbh :tp:
Harsh or the truth?

You know i can accept that new people to this stuff can't make really great stuff, but somethings aren't bad because they don't know how to do it better, but are bad because they don't take the time, he knows how to cut stuff out, it isn't hard to do it better then that, cutting stuff out on the computer is as hard as it is with a scissor, or better said it's even easier, and yet this has been cut out really bad.
I know that i have high standards about these things, and i know not everyone does, but just look at the picture, look at how the character has been cut out, and tell me honestly that you think he didn't do a bad job...