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News on RageStock...

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Feb 18, 2003
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OK - It has been pretty much decided that RageStock will be held in Newcastle, during the Summer Holidays.

About the date however, I have decided to choose Thursday 17th July. It's during the Summer Holidays and means the trains won't be in a rush.

It will probably be only held over 1 day, but if you would like to hold it over more days, then you MUST book your own accomadation.

The meeting place will be Central Station. Hopefully, myself and Morphix will be there from 9.30am to start grouping people together. We will stay there until 12pm and from there we will head to Eldon Square, in Newcastle City Centre to mess about or something. :p We will then move on to the CyberGamesZone LAN arena for 2 hours, to play CounterStrike, BattleField1942, Delta Force - Black Hawk Down, amongst many other games.

More details on the place can be found at

From there, at about 4pm - we will head to the Metro Centre, first stop will be the bowling and pool alleys - we'll have a tournament of some kind... if you suck - you gotta get naked. :D

Then, we'll goto MetroLand to ride on the rollercoasters, the waltzers and the dogems and there's some more rides too. :)

If there is enough time then if people want to, we could go see a movie, otherwise we could goto Pizza Hut, Big Lukes, McDonalds, Burger King - whatever you guys want.

This will lead to about 9pm-10pm.

More details on the MetroCenter can be found at

For more information on train times to Newcastle Central Station from most places in the country, visit here

If you are mad enough to actually fly into the country for RageStock, you can land at Newcastle Airport and get the Metro to Central Station. More details are here

Information on hotels in Newcastle can be found here

If you have ANY problems, suggestions, queries, either post them here or add me on MSN:


I'll try to give more information when I can get it.

EDIT: I forgot one thing - how much cash you should bring. Make sure that you bring a GOOD amount of cash if you want to enjoy everything there is to offer. Make sure you book train tickets well in advance.

I urge people NOT to bring booze. Sorry, but the police often hang around Newcastle which may end up in people visiting the Newcastle Police Station Cell's for a night lol.

Also, you MUST be at LEAST 16 years of age. I can not stress this enough. We will NOT be responsible for you if you are under that age and decide to come. It would be best if you brought an adult with you.

Photos will be taken so we can cherish the memories. :)
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Apr 10, 2003
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w00t w00t

I can't w8 :D

btw if u live in the area and u wanna get a bus get a bus 2 central station or the metro.

EDIT- btw wheres every1 staying coz u lot aint comming in2 my house thats 4 sure :p
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