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Nibelheim - Custom Client - RL Map with Additions - 8.6 - Dedicated Server

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Jan 9, 2013
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Check out the website, tell us what you think!

Is now open and ready for Warriors! Ever wanted your very own training monks! Make sure you are up for the challenge, this isn't your ordinary server. You will have to play smart to become great. The best way to gain exp is to party up with your friends and share the exp for the best results. I hope you enjoy the server it is all made for the enjoyment of you!
A Bonus to get you started, Whoever creates an account will be offered 3 free days of VIP. Also includes a VIP Promotion of the character of your choice. Get an early start on a brand new server so you can become the a legend! And do your best at trying to stay on top.
Find us on for extra offers and bonuses
Enjoy the Full shop online for extra bonuses. All items in the shop have no level requirement so enjoy at any level.
--Dedicated Server for 24 x 7 uptime!--
Server Save every Hour to limit setbacks and Backups conducted periodically of the database to ensure your hard work is saved.
Auto-Clean every 2 hours to ensure the server continue to run smooth.
Open-PVP: Global RL Full Map includes Zao Full and much more.
Server Features: Addon Bonus, Task System 100%, Guild War System, WoE(Coming Soon), Zombie Event, Castle Event(Coming Soon) etc..
Extreme Gameplay (Guild Wars and Hunting), Over 1500 Houses and 7000 Respawns, Active staff to help when needed.
Complete custom client for an easy install!
Outfit (increases stats) = Find Items necessary or Use the Addon Doll in the
Frags Daily for RED SKULL = 7
Frags Weekly for RED SKULL = 35
Frags Monthly for RED SKULL = 50
Frags Daily for Black SKULL = 20
Trainers located in all Cities, and if you run out of room there become VIP and enjoy your larger training area. !tp trainers
VIP Promotion: Faster Regeneration of HP And Mana, Higher Skill rate, Higher Exp Gain, Faster Hit Rate, Gain More cap with each level.
Use the reforging system in the VIP training area to reforge your weapons to your liking. Add an increased 40% to your atk or defense of your weapon! Also works on shop items!
Buy bless and aol by saying !bless, !aol which makes No loss of Level Or Skills and Nothing Dropped.
--Free Account--
Regenerate HP/MANA slower.
Access to many quests and cities
Ability to create Guilds
Ability to buy house
Access to all spells
Change Gender Command: !changesex (Cost 5 PP)
All addons
--VIP Account--
!tp TOWN (takes you to any city, or VIP only training area)
The ability to !promote and keep it for the duration of your VIP days. So you only have to purchase once. By promoting your character will have faster regeneration both HP/Mana, faster skill rates, faster exp rates, you even gain more cap with each level while being promoted.
This isn't your typical donation system, you can actually get things that are legendary for a small donation. It isn't like other shops where you have to donate a large sum in order to get only a few items. A small donation on this server will get you multiple vocation full sets! Which gives bonuses on shielding, melee, and magic. I want people to enjoy playing with powerful items but it also helps keep the server running and updated. Most people are just trying to make a profit with there shops, this one is made to break even! Fully dedicated server has monthly Costs so please help us out.
More updates for your VIP will be coming soon.
When I say updates you may be thinking of other servers which take months to get things done, we have an active staff that will ensure updates get done fast and accurate for a more exciting game play.
--Server Rates--
Experience Rates: Starts at 60x to get you to the fun stuff fast!
Magic: 15x
Drop: 3x
--Experience Rates--
Level "1" to "20" ="60x"
Level "21" to "40" = "55x"
Level "41" to "60" = "45x"
Level "61" to "80" = "30x"
Level "81" to "100" = "20x"
Level "101" to "120" = "15x"
Level "121" to "150" = "8x"
Level "151" to "175" = "4x"
Level "176" to "200" = "2x"
Level "201" and up = "1.5x"
Can be adjusted for the needs of the Server!

--In Game Commands--
!autoloot (checks loot list), !autoloot add, gold coin (adds gold coins to your list,money will automatically be added to your bank account)
!autoloot remove,ITEM NAME, !autoloot add,ITEM NAME
!frags (checks number of frags)
!online (checks to see who is online)
!serverinfo (shows the current rates)
!vip-7 (Adds VIP days to your entire account)
!days (checks to see how many days are left on your account)
!powergamers (checks the top power-gamers on the server
!Highscores (checks high scores)
!buy(any Shop Item)
!bless (no loss of exp or skills)
!guildmessage (sends your guild a msg)
!changesex (5 PP)
!commands (to see list of in game commands)
!tp CITY (teleport to any city and trainers as a VIP)
!addon Name (used with addon doll)
Banking system: !withdraw, !withdrawall, !deposit, !depositall, !transfer, !transferall, !balance
!pvp (checks pvp status on server)
!rankhit (checks your high damage, lists all skills and what weapon your high hit was with)
!buyhouse, !sellhouse, !leavehouse
!berserk (increases all stats!)
!frags (checks number of frags that you have accrued)
And Manymore!
Talk to Zack Fair or Cloud Strife for your free VIP time and enjoy the server! Please add your comments here so that others may know if they want to play this server or not. Thank you!

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