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nice work but have 2 Q



nice work with the Kaori Editor.

But I have a few questions:

1. when I increased and files index and added a few images for testing ( about 20images and about 9000 miore index) and in game when I used the weapons in that file I got so slow about 5 times worse the 2steps lag and when U use a weap from another file there was no "lag". do u know how 2 fix it and did u know about it?

2. wots the diffrent between EI type1 and EI type2 ??

3. is there any chance of obtaining the source cod for the editor ( I wanna learn more about the structure of the files) ty - yes I know of decompilers but I wanted 2 ask instead
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I have a similar trouble.
When i added new mobs and new armour of the last ei client to my server they flashed, i played with them and made some diferent files, the max i did is the new armour and bosses go fine but when i put the armour or i respawn mobs my char lag like hell.

Me too using kaori program.

I used the two types of wil and not work. I think we need change the position of images for make it work or something like this.
I observed the new armour and the new mobs have less bmp than the files we are using now, not know if it for this not working.

I stopped my work with this for a new patch on my server but soon i will return to play.

I know not helping u but if need a hand trying things i played yet and i know only is time work it. GL anyway
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Jun 18, 2004
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where i can get server file for mir 1.8?
respond plz