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Feb 25, 2007
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Hello, It's me CrimsonWolf. I been a RO fan for a long time now I use to play on QRO server but I was ship out to Iraq and now I am stuck here for a long time. There is internet out here but very slow and very costly. I can't play play RO because of the bandwith limitation and the speed of the internet. So I went online and found a way I can play with out getting on a server. SO I got into making a private server for me to play on until I get back intot he states.

Right now I am looking up tutorials and ideas to help make a better server. I am looking for a free warp NPC and Job changer just like the rest I seen o PSRO. And these fourm really lend a hand to me. so if you anybody have any question or comment give me a ring and I get back to you thank you