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ntl biatches!

Jul 6, 2003
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ive posted this cuz u need to know stuff..
Ok i was ment to get 1Mb BB from ntl they sed pm that means from 1:30-5:30-pm fine so i can lie in kool.
we then get a fone call at bout 9:50am saying'yeah well i can come early sweet can get it over and done with so i get up afta having a l8 night tryin 2 finish off some things on my server.
so im up and down by 10:10am he appears (aka the installer) @ 10:50am fumbles around my house finding out how he is going to get a lead from the grey box in my front garden, finds out the only way to do this is to go through the hole in the wall that leads from my bros room to our outside light.
but due to it was my bros day off my bro was in bed so the installer sed thats ok ill come back l8a gime bout 2hrs he left @ 11:30am.
@ 4:20pm im still w8in so i fone ntl and ask were he was they replied, 'He under estimated the job he is on but he will install today l8est he will b around is 6pm' i think fine.
@ 6:40 he hasnt arrived so i fone ntl agen they patch me through to the wrong number for another department that deals with installations in my area (took me 15mins to get thru i mite add) i then leave a message on the Foney number just incase, so i then refone ntl and i get.'We are sorry but the ntl server help is now clsed please phone between....'so now im realy fuked off cuz i set a deadline that the server will b up 2moz n guess wat i fukin cant cuz i have no BB:mad: so this is to say...

Thanks ntl u bunch of fukin butt holes.
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Feb 19, 2003
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i say when they have came round and fitted it w8 just b4 he goes and beat the poop out of him and leave him for dead with a note to ntl saying wot a bunch of twats they are....just an idea :p