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Ok about Athena

Sep 10, 2003
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To say the least i didn't agreed with her choices.

She got a fair share of flaming returned, but it should stop now, untill it would be right again...

I'm not going to kiss her butt or something, i never done that, and never will, but the fact is that she will be the mir2 host, the fact is that she is a moderator, and i don't think that will be changed anytime soon.

If things stay like this, then it will only do bad, nothing positive will come out of it.

She doesn't moderate this part of the forum, so feel free to discuss her actions, but don't go call her all kind of things, keep it abit civilized.

I will do whatever i can to get things running smooth, but that doesn't include just undoing everything that she does, because that won't help.

The things i will do will be mostly outside of the public eye.

If you just swear then i will delete the post or if it is a topic then i will delete that, if you want to make a point then do so by not swearing to much, it won't get your post anywhere.

Again i will do the best i can, and hopefully this can be solved.

I promised MentaL to give her a full new chance, and i will do that, i can't expect that from you guys, but i do expect that she won't be just flamed again.

If their are important matters that would show things of her that you think are wrong, then put it all in a text file and pm me it.

I'm not here to get rid of her, or to just fully go against her, but i will try to do whatever i can to get things straight.

If you believe i'm just being weak and being a asskisser then think of this, what can i do if i'm banned, or just a member, at least now i can make abit of a difference.
Apr 2, 2003
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1 thing I ask of u (which u alwayz did neway) make sure u make a post when locking so we know who did it k?

As 4 Athena I hav no problem with keepin my mouth shut as long as she doesn't duck up. The moment she starts fuckin the forum again, I won't hold back.