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Ok here are a few things

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Sep 10, 2003
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A simple, truthfull post about what happened.

DTB was flaming Athena yet again, he has been doing it for weeks, and it has to stop, so i warned him after he called her a lady etc, i then got flamed by him.

Cap later joined in and putted 1 of DTB's flames in his signature, just because you quote a flame doesn't mean it's not a flame anymore, so just like normal posts, his signature was simply not allowed, was asked to remove it and failed to do so, and got a temp ban.

I was flamed for moderating, not for something else, i didn't flame anyone, and didn't do anything wrong, i moderated DTB for flaming Athena, that's it.

As for DTB and his rules thing, yes indeed you "helped" writing the rules, but the fact is that they are except for 1 rule the exact same rules as mine were, they aren't new, they were just reposted.

The added rule was about not being allowed to flame mods, something which you DTB have done a lot, and for wrong reasons.

This topic will be closed, all further topics will be deleted unless they don't contain swearing, abuse etc.
So if you can't discuss things in a normal way then i won't let you discuss it, better said it wouldn't be a discussion, you would just be flaming, which is against the rules.
Not open for further replies.