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Partition magic (changing drive order)

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Mar 6, 2007
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Since I've heard a lot of people crying that they couldn't make a MuServer because it could only be made in D:/ here's an INSANELY easy solution to make your drive's name D:/ so you can make your fun noob server on D:/

Easy as it is, for windows XP user: Go to menu start: run, typ: diskmgmt.msc and click run.

windows vista/7: Menu start, typ in the search thingie: diskmgmt.msc and run it.

This screen will pop up:
albmans - Partition magic (changing drive order) - RaGEZONE Forums

We're going to create the A:/ drive just like I did.
Right click your biggest drive (in my case C:/) and click 'Shrink volume'. If you want 50gb of free space for another drive typ in '50.000 MB' and it will cut off 50 gb from the C:/ drive.
At the right corner there will be 50gb of unallocated space, right click the big rectangle and click 'change drive letter and paths'.
Make it A:/ or D:/ or whatever and there is your D:/ drive!
Finally, you can make your beloved server on a D:/ drive!