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[PC] Vanguard : Saga of Heroes Guild

Dec 10, 2004
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Welcome to Pillagers of Blight!

Pillagers of Blight is a roleplaying pirate guild on the server PvP Varking in the Thestran continent. We are currently recruiting members of all classes and level. Feel free to fill out an application to join. ALL loot is need before greed.

  1. Pillagers of Blight is a light rp guild of pirates ( you do not have to be a roleplayer to join)
  2. Only mature players are welcome (no, you dont have to be 18+)
  3. It takes two weeks to become a full member after joining the guild, however this time can be shortened if you are helpful and come with on alot of guild events.
  4. There are currently no level requirements, and any class can join.

Note : The guild is created after the release of the game.

Okay, to join you need an account at Guildportal.com

When you are registered at Guildportal, go to the following link :

Press the Join Pillagers of Blight image on the top of the page, it's to the right of your account name. As of now, you do not need to make a serious application. We will accept anyone before the release.

Oh, and sorry for the short introduction of the guild.. :p But I'll write a better one for the release. Don't worry.
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Mar 28, 2006
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Shouldn't this go under...well maybe server advertisement..

Not sure.