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please guys im newbie here

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Dec 14, 2022
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please help me to create my own server ran online

i need a full clear client
and reditor in the files

i hope you can help me out please
i've watch so many videos about how to create ran online,
but they didn't give any files ''you have to pay'' not for free

i have ssms and sql

all i need is the full set up of ran even the classic episode i will accept it just please help me guys
i know how to follow all the instructions

admin and co admin I hope you can help me
for this coming christmass
i just badly want it.

GodBless you all...
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Aug 26, 2016
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You can start here by reading -> LINK
Look for a thread something like "How to compile"
Next is you can check file/sources here -> LINK
You need to learn first basic stuff so you can start from scratch, some people need talent fee because they start also from nothing.
You need to understand them, if you think it is easy, why not put effort on making one.
This is just an advice, make some progress and you will find some people that can help you.
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