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Please teach me...need ur help

Initiate Mage
Dec 30, 2009
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Can anyone here teach me how to build my own server without internet connection...its means offline cabal....
Please teach me..i really need ur help:(:
The Dinosaur
Loyal Member
Jun 29, 2008
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Don't just post asking for somebody to teach you as nobody will, you need to follow the guides just like everyone else had to.

Cabal is not a quick five minute setup unless you already know mssql, linux, vmware and basic networking pretty well and if you don't then what you are asking is for somebody to spend the next few weeks of their life teaching you all those things. Nobody here has time to do that as this is a development forum, we have our own servers to run and development to do. Even if somebody did have the free time i seriously doubt anyone would give up the next few weeks of their life for free.

There are lots of guides in my sig which are all written assuming the person reading them doesn't know a thing about mssql or linux which hundreds of people have learned from now. My install and config scripts for the cabal automate just about everything it is possible to automate. If you get stuck we will help but we aren't here to teach things like mssql and linux, people pay a lot of money for training courses like that.
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