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Plus emu revision 2 black screen and packet error

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Sep 15, 2012
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I have setup my hotel with plus emu revision 2 but I have a black screen and all my emulator says is "Packet Error"

Error in packet [112] BODY: [0][0][0][0]: 
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Silverwave.Communication.Packets.Outgoing.Handshake.UserObjectComposer..ctor(Habbo Habbo) in C:\Users\Party\Documents\Silverwave Emulator\Collections\Communication\Packets\Outgoing\Handshake\UserObjectComposer.cs:line 14
   at Silverwave.Communication.Packets.Incoming.Handshake.InfoRetrieveEvent.Parse(GameClient Session, ClientMessage Packet) in C:\Users\Laptop\Documents\Silverwave Emulator\Collections\Communication\Packets\Incoming\Handshake\InfoRetrieveEvent.cs:line 13
   at Silverwave.Communication.Packets.PacketManager.TryExecutePacket(GameClient Session, ClientMessage Packet) in C:\Users\Laptop\Documents\Silverwave Emulator\Collections\Communication\Packets\PacketManager.cs:line 105
   at Silverwave.Messages.GameClientMessageHandler.HandleRequest(ClientMessage request) in C:\Users\Laptop\Documents\Silverwave Emulator\Messages\GameClientMessageHander.cs:line 40
   at Silverwave.HabboHotel.GameClients.GameClient.parser_onNewPacket(ClientMessage Message) in C:\Users\Laptop\Documents\Silverwave Emulator\HabboHotel\GameClients\GameClient.cs:line 82

On line 14 of the UserObjectComposer where it has given the error the line is

RT9U5IN - Plus emu revision 2 black screen and packet error - RaGEZONE Forums

Ill answer these because these question are the questions you normally ask

Have I got the right Habbo.swf
Yes, my swf is called RELEASE63-201405071257-197450526.swf and downlaod from

Yes i have the banner url in my client.php
"hotelview.banner.url" : "{url}/game/rs4.php",

Does anyone know how to fix this :/ ? Silverwave emulator and I used the swf's from this post http://forum.ragezone.com/showthread.php?t=1006328

And i also just used the original plus emu database from the first one released


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