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Possible router problems..

Initiate Mage
Apr 9, 2005
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Ok.. everything is worcing cool.. i configurated my mangos tbc 2.0.8 server perfect.. but when i try to start realmd or mangosd the window opening and then closing in a instant. ill paste whats in my log file. I have configurated my router to accept other connections, but in sql in realmlist which ip i should write.. my wan or lan ?
2007-03-05 17:35:42 Using configuration file realmd.conf.
2007-03-05 17:35:42 MaNGOS realm daemon /0.7-SVN (Win32)
2007-03-05 17:35:42 <Ctrl-C> to stop.

2007-03-05 17:35:42 Database: 195.230.3.***;3306;root;*******;realmd_bc
2007-03-05 17:35:42 ERROR:Could not connect to MySQL database at 195.230.3.***: Host 'WoW' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

2007-03-05 17:35:42 ERROR:Cannot connect to database
i got two ips this which is in the log.. and my router ip 192.168.*.*