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Problem with levels

Initiate Mage
Dec 2, 2006
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Hey there. I've finished creating my own private server of GunZ. Everything worked well etc, no Problems.
But now I'm fighting my little brother, he somehow managed to kill me. So far so good I though, nothing much happened except that I leveled down?!?! (wtf? lol first lvl 99 then lvl 98 just because of one kill??) Well okay now I kept up my head and fought, making the match end in 4 kills for me and 1 death for me. Same thing the other way 'round for my brother of course. It showed us being lvl 99 and lvl 98 at the end. Something I can take as a warrior I thought but then came the big Ducking surprise: Back in the Lobby I was told my equipment deequipped because of level fall. Now I was lvl 4?!!?!?!?!? (My brother is lvl 3 now btw...)
Ok now I just wanted to ask if there is already a possibility to fix that and if so how do I do it?
No bloody "use the search"-poop pls I only found bounty fixes etc...
Thanks in advance...(don't mind the bad language, it's just that I'm pissed)
RageZ Hell
Nov 17, 2006
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cuz exp wes too low for lvl 99 put exp 999999999 this is lvl 97 exp ^^
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Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 15, 2007
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cuz exp wes too low for lvl 99 put exp 999999999 this is lvl 97 exp ^^

rapid xp gain = rapid xp loss
you can set the xp limit higher, u have to edit an xml file, i'll edit his later
EDIT: It is forumla.xml in your match server folder,
<LM lower="1" upper="20">1</LM>
<LM lower="21" upper="30">1.1</LM>
<LM lower="31" upper="40">1.2</LM>
<LM lower="41" upper="45">1.4</LM>
<LM lower="46" upper="50">1.6</LM>
<LM lower="51" upper="55">1.8</LM>
<LM lower="56" upper="60">2</LM>
<LM lower="61" upper="65">4</LM>
<LM lower="66" upper="70">8</LM>
<LM lower="71" upper="75">12</LM>
<LM lower="76" upper="80">16</LM>
<LM lower="81" upper="85">20</LM>
<LM lower="86" upper="90">20</LM>
<LM lower="91" upper="95">40</LM>
<LM lower="96" upper="99">40</LM>
The number between means how much more xp you need, like,
when your lvl 1, u need 1 more "part" to lvl up, guessing like that is about 10000. in the <LM lower="96" upper="99"> part that means that applies for those lvls in between. so turn all of them up to 1000 and your fine, unless you run a server for a lot of people
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