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Problem with PirateKing Server 2.0 from Segredu

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Aug 8, 2009
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Hi everybody,

I am from Vietnamese. My english is bad. First, sorry for any troubles. Thanks

I setup "PirateKing Server 2.0 repack" from segredu, and these server files and web files run well (demo: 360box.net and Server IP:

I download client 1.38 from .
I use IpChanger and change ip to
Then I run start.bat. It shows me Login Form.
I type login Information (segredu/segredu), but it show an notice: "Connection Failed" or "Connection Time-out".

Can anybody help me?

I leave here my email here: bqqhuy@vizediavn.com. if you think you can resolve this problem, please contact me.
I will give you an account, that you can remote to my computer to do everything you need to resolve this problem.

Yahoo Messenger ID: nightmare174