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Problem with PlusEmu!

Oct 16, 2010
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Hello Ragezone!
I'm not new to the habbo retro's scene.
I've done so many things with habbo retro's in the past from oldskool to r63 and now r63b but with bcstorm.
Well now i want to build up my experience and i was trying with Plus Emu, so i could use the new layout for my new hotel.
I can setup everything but the emu is giving me an error:
GlennXD - Problem with PlusEmu! - RaGEZONE Forums

It says on the end, fault on line 82 but coding and that stuff is way above my experience, but it seems more like a problem in the database for me cause it says the fault when it tries to load the item manager.
Hope you guys can help me out!
Greetings, GlennXD