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Problem with root files

Newbie Spellweaver
Jul 20, 2008
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Hi I have problem with .rpm files. I dunno why some error occures.
This is a screenshot of this error:
elfrind - Problem with root files - RaGEZONE Forums

Please help me with solving this problem.

The Dinosaur
Loyal Member
Jun 29, 2008
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Cabal.rpm is not the first bit you install, it is the last.

libcrypto.so.4 is part of openssl which should already be installed if you are using Centos 4 so i am guessing you are using Centos 5. People have reported problems with Centos 5 being missing a lot of dependencies and you will run into more errors with each rpm you try installing, i had a quick look to see if there was a quick and easy way to add in the bits that were missing and there isn't.

Unless you are very good at solving dependency problems on Linux and want to spend some time solving it i would suggest using Centos 4.6 instead as that works on a default install with no problems at all. If you follow my Centos 4.6 guide and untick every single tickbox on the package select screen you only need CD1 and CD2 as well which is much much smaller than the Centos 5 download.
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