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Problems with Mangos Setup

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Jan 20, 2007
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I have just download the latest source using SVN's for Mangos (3054) and the latest SilverDB (76) but when I compile Mangos's source it compiles with some errors but seems to be ok. I copy the compiled info to the my wow server, imported the new database and everything seems ok, except when I logon the world is blank.. argh.. what have I don't wrong.. I used SQLyog to batch import the data base and the realmd database. The other odd thing is my char picture it white and some of the icons are question marks..

mysql 5.
Mangos 3054
SilverDB 76
Client Version 1.12.1
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Oct 1, 2005
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try to import te sql file like this

1 make a connection
2 create a databse (mangos) and click on it 1 time
3 push crtl+o
4 search for the sql file then push ctrl+a
5 push f5
do the same for the realmd

if you are doing it like this , sorry i can help , if you not doing it like this , try it , maybe this help