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[PS4] PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

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Mar 5, 2012
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I have just download PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on the PS4 because it is one of the free games of the month. (You now get two games each months which is pretty good). Any ways, it is a very good game for anyone that loves a puzzler and has some cool game mechanics that other games don't have. I haven't actually played it much but I will be playing it a lot in the future. It does have some good co-op and multiplayer gameplay but haven't had time to try them out yet so I will update in the future when I play them.
The main thing about the game is water, you have to use water a lot in the game such as cooling down so you don't overheat and can't shoot or dash and turning lava into stone so you can get past. Also, you have sponges and these weird water plants to generate water or move water. But one thing you need to take into account when playing is DO NOT SPAM YOUR BULLETS, you will end up killing the men you have to capture and it is quite hard to aim so you might accidentally miss fire and hit one of them.

Trailer for you guys.