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Mangos PSDB Rev x13 // SD2 499 ACID 18

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Feb 4, 2007
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jaboxer - PSDB Rev x13 // SD2 499 ACID 18 - RaGEZONE Forums

Project Silvermoon MaNGOS Database Release: Rev x13

~ Please note, this is for 2.4.2 - our next milestone release will be for 2.4.3 ~

SVN : hxxp://svn2.assembla.com/svn/PSDB/
Forums : hxxp://projectsilvermoon.net

jaboxer - PSDB Rev x13 // SD2 499 ACID 18 - RaGEZONE Forums

I would like too personally thank our entire psdb team for their hard work, dedication to
this project, and also our community, for keeping their support as always for this.

so lets personally thank :

(special thanks goes too Rog360 for his amazing work on this release, gathering all the fixes,
and hours countless work for the team)

Rog360 // braindedd // kich0 // Nemok // rilex // Ryu // SADraco

also special thanks goes too XeNoW for his help with our team, in providing fixes and things
most dont see outside the project team itself, so thanks very much mate.

a special thanks too all our past dev members as well :

Utsjitimmie - Avensis - mephilith - CDWriter - Magelf - Jizzy - Shadowhack - Yoh
Dj75lazer - TraSHmaN - Gabster202 - TRIVI4L - iPilya - ScoTTeR - Seizerkiller
noZmo - Kunamo - Tiomnaja-Sila - Infinitis - Valkirie - Danerf - Evilgb - plague
SideTraKd - Flash - Slimjim1520 - geheimlabor - benller - ShiKage - ussragent

jaboxer - PSDB Rev x13 // SD2 499 ACID 18 - RaGEZONE Forums

(this also includes the changeset from x12 to x13 & both sqlyog/navicat versions)

Release x13 core 6326 SD2 499 ACID 18

Mirror : hxxp://rapidshare.com/files/131837344/Release_x13_core_6326_SD2_499_ACID_18.rar.html

codebox is being wierd - just posting as is~

Changes, Fixes & Additions since x12
(note these are not all of the fixes, im sure we missed a few)
Added fixes for over 13,000 NPC/Mobs (it's hp, mana and lvl fixes) - Patch by Rilex.
NPC Text fixes
Crimson Paragon's Cover couldn't be enchanted, but now it can, Patch by Redmanus.
Fixes item that is not supposed to be unique, Patch by shadowhack
Gameobject fixes
Quest fixes
Some fixes on some mobs/npc's
Level, HP and Mana fixes for over 13,000 Mobs/NPC's
Faction fixes
Item missing buy price fixed
Spell corrections
Duplicated spawns removed
Removed some non blizzlike items
Sheath on some items fixes
Equip fixes
Fixes for items
New items
Model fixes
New waypoints for some Mobs/NPC's
Elite's that should be non-elite fixed
Vendor fixes
Dead Scar fix
Misc fixes
Much fixes around Azeroth
and lot's of other bugs fixed and lot's of other stuff added.
updated subclass for Apolyon, the Soul-Render (entry=34247) credits to huldu
Missing loot by Redmanus
This should fix startup errors when using MaNGOS 6067, patch by Rog360!
* Fixes Daily Quest not marked as repeatable
* Some fixes around Azeroth
Fixes for bugs on bugtracker:
[ITEM]Formula: Enchant Ring - Stats [Ticket #43]
Problem:Wrong Req. faction
Fix: Set Req. faction to Lower City
[QUEST]Seeking Wisdom [Ticket #41]
Problem:Wrong Quest Giver
Fix: Set quest giver Sven
[NPC]Bradford Bridenbecker [Ticket #34]
Fix: removed highest GUID
[NPC]Jer'kai Moonweaver [Ticket #30]
Problem:Spawned in wrong place
Fix: Spawned beside Kindal Moonweaver
*fixed [Quest] A Donation of Wool - patch provided by Rilex
*fixed [ITEM] Latro's Shifting Sword, Not in Itemset - patch provided by Redmanus
*fixed [NPC] Sattered sun Magi, Wrong faction - patch provided by Koicho
[ITEM] Obsidian Warbeads
[ITEM] Obsidian Warbeads
[Quest] The Darkmoon Faire
[npc] Weakened Morbant Fel
[ITEM] Pattern: Drums of Restoration -- Redmanus
[ITEM] Dark Keeper Key, [BUG] Class not set (Key) -- Redmanus
[VENDOR AND GOBJECT] Rathis Tombler - Large Battered Chest -- Redmanus
[VENDOR]More vendor fixes, Alliance vendors - max count and uncorrect items –Koicho
[Quest_SPELL]Some warlock spells and quest fixes –Koicho
[VENDOR]All outland vendors check and fixed Koicho --
[Vendor]The rest of Azeroth vendors are checked and fixed --
[Item] Shifting Naaru Sliver -- Mang
[MOB_LOOT_FACTION]fix for loot table and faction of mobs - Koich
[NPC]Wrong Stable Master Gossip, Stable master should have no gossip
[quest] A Donation of % -- Rilex
[teleport] Forest Song -- Rilex
[npc] El Pollo Grande <The Black Chicken of Death> -- Rilex
[ITEM] The Macho Gnome's Arrow – Redcore
*[NPC] Vindicator Haylen, double spawn removed - patch provided by redcore
*corrected [NPC] Sapphiron's hp - thanks for informations to redcore and evilstar
[NPC_QUESTS], some mobs faction and spawn fixed and a quest chain fix -- Koicho
[Misc Fixes] --Koicho
[ITEMs] Naaru Slivers, [BUG] Tradeable -- Redmanus
[ITEM] Dark Conjuror's Collar, Durability-Itemlevel Bug -- Redmanus
[NPC] Lady Vashj, Brutallus, Lady Sacrolash, Grand Warlock Alythess, Kalecgos, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Hex – Redcore
[Spawn: NPC] Arathi Highlands - Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Wetlands- Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Duskwood – Johann <--- Zones Redone
[Spawn: NPC] Redridge - Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Elwynn Forest – Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Westfall - Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Alterac Mountains - Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Hillsbrad Foothills – Johann
[Spawn: NPC] Badlands - Johann
[NPC_QUESTS]Some more fixes from Winterspring -- Koicho --
[MISC_FIXES]Some npc, vendor and quest fixes + spawns -- Koicho
[Item]Missing Items -- Evilstar –
[Spawn: NPC] Westfall, Making mob locations more blizzlike -- Johann --
[NPC VENDOR] For Start Arena Season 4 – Evilstar
[QUEST] Quest Giver Core errors
[ITEMS] Fixes for Core 6096
[NPC Vendor] For Start Arena Season 4 All in One, New Vendors & items in Vendors and Spawns -- Evilstar
[NPC] Deeb, Clones -- BlindGuardian
[NPC] Gnomeregan, Wrong NPCs
[NPC] Crypt Robber, Wrong spawns
[NPC] Darrowshire Spirit, Obsolete spawns
[NPC] Crimson Courier, Multi spawn
[NPC] Crimson Hammersmith, double-spawned
[NPC] Sri'skulk, Clones
[NPC] Skeleton, Wrong Spawnpoint
[MISC FIXES]many mobs, quests + auberdine beached sea creature fix - Koicho
[NPC]Some wrong spawns, and added mounts to some who should have - Koicho
[NPC] Kil'jaeden, Wrong hp points - Redcore
[GO] Mossy Footlocker, Missing spawns - Koicho
[QUESTMail] None - Rog360
[NPC] Gan'arg Analyzer, Missing spawns, wrong react faction and damage dealing rate - Redcore
[NPC] Blackrock Shadowcaster, Missing spawns
[NPC] Flaskataur, Wrong items for sale
[NPC] Nethermine Burster, Missing spawns
[NPC] Nethermine Burster, Wrong flags, wrong health points, no damage rates
[NPC] Mechano-Lord Capacitus, Missing [ITEM] Schematic: Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite
[NPC] Imp Minion, Wrong faction
[ITEM] Heartswood, Missing drop for quest item
[ITEM] Coilfang Armaments, Missing item in world drop
[NPC] Patchwerk, Thaddius, Low hp points
[NPC] Gezzak the huntress, Wrong loot
[NPC] Mobs in the BT, Wrong health point
[NPC] Barash the Den Mother, Missing items
[NPC] Marzon the Silent Blade, Delete the prespawned one in Stormwind
[Quest_npc]some quest and npc fixes - Koicho
[NPC]Ranks, spawns,vendors, missing loot - Koicho
[Quest] 2 lvl fixes for RFK - BlindGuardian
[MISC_FIXES]Mob faction, vendor, rank and etc... – Koicho
Some new npc spawn fixes - SaDraco
[FIXES]Some Ashanvale forest npc fixes - Koicho
[Quest_npc]Some duplicated quest mobs and buged quests – Koicho
Spawn Corrections,Dupes and Fire Damage - Rog360
[NPC] Missing Spawns & More... - Rog360
[NPC] Gas Extraction - Rog360
Dragon kin spawn fix - Sadraco
[ITEM]Dead-tooth's Key & The Missing Diplomat [on bug tracker] - Rog360 - Rilex
[MISC] Fixes for SVN, From deleted core fix posts - Rog360
[MISC] More Fixes for Bugtracker - Rog360
[MISC] Bugtracker fixes - Rog360
[NPC] Shattrath Peacekeeper WP - Rog360
[NPC] Kil'Jaeden item drop list - SaDraco
[MISC] game_event_creature_quest & Quest fixes. - Rog360
[NPC]Misc. Fixes - Rog360
[NPC] Fix Lord Victor Nefarius lokation spawn – Sadraco