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Public Server Problem (Error) I hope some can help

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Jul 13, 2008
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Hello Guys i have a Problem with my Server i have Config all on CentOS ip = (CentOS) Ip and ODBC.ibni with Windows all works when i log me in with client IP in Internal but when i change the Ip from Client to my Router Ip i can log in and when i choose the Channel i dont get Connection... and this error comes

[Thu Jul 17 2008 23:01:24.109142 3086919360]: 1.open user 11 [8BBD9C8] (
[Thu Jul 17 2008 23:01:24.209873 19499936]: [##ERROR##] OnIPCVerifyLinks Mismatch Ip (,
[Thu Jul 17 2008 23:01:24.209979 19499936]: [##ERROR##] 'OnIPCVerifyLinks' fail (Proc/Verify.cpp:186)
[Thu Jul 17 2008 23:01:24.210025 19499936]: [##ERROR##] UsrMap Fail : MainCmd(23) Ret(4700BA:71:186) Addr(
[Thu Jul 17 2008 23:01:38.947200 3086919360]: 1.close user 11 [8BBD9C8] (

so i try to config it on Router Ip so i changed CentOS Ips to Router Ip
Than i cant log in because much server get Errors so wats the Prob how i get my Server Public all my friends wait for me till i fix the Problem....and i dont want to make this with Hamachi... i hope anyone can help me there...
I have looked after this in the Forum and i found one there have sayed i should restart cabal Accs and than i should restart CentOS and make a new Account but this not work for me... so i dont know who i get my Server Public

Thanks for Answeres

no one can help me ..?

I dont know why i get errors than nobody have ... so no one can help me`?

Fixxed ;) found error ;)
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The Cat in the Hat
Oct 26, 2005
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I should have watched my mouth and not said/talked poop to DeadlyData telling him things like your are not welcome here because then I become the one who is truly not welcome here.
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