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[Quest]How to unpack cabalmain.exe

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May 18, 2006
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Guide to unpack this cabalmain.exe

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The Dinosaur
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Jun 29, 2008
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This is the same file as the other topic ad as i mentioned there unpacking it isn't actually needed to use it.

The login patch we use is made up of several files and i have been looking at what each one does. The main 2 are:

cabal.exe - This is the important one, this is the one that reads internal.txt and allows us to use it on our servers.

cabalmain.exe - This file does not seem to need special hexes to work for us, it just needs xtrap/GG disabled (which it has in this case).

The cabalmain.exe you have is a US one and will not work with the .enc files from our English patch so i couldn't do more than basic testing last night. Without the right .enc files the exe is almost useless to us and it won't run. Most (if not all) the version specific stuff is in this file so this is the one we need to keep most up to date and i think the US one above (v22) is actually older than the Chinese one (v1262) in the login patch we use, however if it fixes the known issues we have then it may still be worth using (once we get the right English patch for it).

The cabal.exe file is not version specific from what i have seen so far (have tried it with various clients) and this one is the important one as it does all of the stuff that lets us run private server clients.

So, the short answer is that this cabalmain.exe is almost useless to us without the right enc files for the English patch and i think it has had xtrap/gg removed specifically to help botters avoid detection on Cabal US rather than for private server usage. The file is very useful to me as from it i can learn exactly how to remove xtrap/gg from newer versions so we can update the most important part of the client when we need to. Cabalmain.exe is the btit that holds all of the item numbers and if it gets out of date we will probably not be able to use newer items. The exe actually gives me half of what i am looking for!

As for unpacking it don't bother, it isn't needed as you can't really do anything with the file yet anyway. Once i have a few more bits figured out (assuming everything goes well) i will be posting some updated info about the login patch and hopefully an updated patch. Just be patient as reverse engineering something like this isn't a five minute job and to give you an idea the last game exes i used to hex took me around 8-10 hours to fully hex, that assumes nothing major changed or it would be a lot longer, and i was doing those about once a month so i was well practised at it.

If you really did want to have a go at unpacking it (it won't gain you anything, but if you are curious) you need to use a "molebox 2.0" unpacker or manual unpack method to dump the raw exe (it's just over 8Mb). From there you can disassemble and compare against and unmodified one to see how they removed xtrap/GG which in turn tells you how to do it on other exes which is what i need to know to be able to look further into these client problems we are having.
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