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Question 4 ex-mods......

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Sep 10, 2003
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This is the most stupid topic i ever seen.

You want to know? Fine.

Cap got removed for obvious reasons.
Neo got removed because she didn't do anything, this is not her fault at all though because she couldn't do anything because she modded a pretty much dead forum
Jerre, i havent seen him for a while, or at least not very active
Exclam, i requested a removal for him already along time ago, not only didnt he mod, but he also abused it by deleting a topic.

As for Solares, Solares did also wrong things, but is not as bad as cap, however i do not wish to see deleted post from cap or edited posts, instead i want him to leave them and report them either to MentaL or me.

(SIC- stupid topic? Y? woteva)
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