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[Question]xml defining zitem types...

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Apr 20, 2006
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Which xml is defining these item types in zitem? If we can find that we could edit SO much stuff..

If you don't know what I'm talking about I'm talking about this part in zitem :

res_sex="a" res_level="0" slot="custom" weapon="frag" weight="2" bt_price="200" delay="1500"
damage="100" ctrl_ability="20" magazine="2" maxbullet="2" reloadtime="10" slug_output="false"
gadget_id="0" hp="0" ap="0" maxwt="0" sf="0" fr="0" cr="0" pr="0" lr="0" color="#FFFFFFFF"
image_id="3" bullet_image_id="0" magazine_image_id="0" snd_fire="we_grenade_fire"
desc="STR:ZITEM_DESC_30301" />

Theres obviously something somewhere defining this weapon as "frag" aka a gernade...
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Jan 15, 2007
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i figured out a lot of stuff lol, ill post
ITEM id="506004" - id used for the shop.xml
name="STR:ZITEM_NAME_506004" - Name of the gun in game - "Superman's gun"
mesh_name="shotgun06" - the "skin" of the gun, how it looks and fires, found that out when i made a shotty with a rocket launcher mesh lol
totalpoint="0" - unknown
type="range" - if it is a ranged weapon, melee, etc. used to detiremine if to fire bullets etc.
res_sex="a" - is what gender the item is for, either a, m , or f i think
res_level="0" - is what level you have to be to use it
slot="custom" - what weapon slot it goes to, melee, head, finger, etc.
weapon="frag" - type of weapon, needed for the little picture in the inventory
weight="2" - how much the weapons weigh
bt_price="200" - cost of weapon
delay="1500" - delay of weapon, lower it is, faster it fires
damage="100" - how much damage 1 bullet does
ctrl_ability="20" - lower it is, the better you can control it, aka accuracy
magazine="2" - how much one clip holds
maxbullet="2" - how many bullets that gun gets
reloadtime="10" - how long it takes to reload
slug_output="false" - i think it is if it gets inaccurate as you shoot, like smgs, rifles, etc.
gadget_id="0" - unkown, something to do with elements?
hp="0" - how hp the item gives you
ap="0" - how much ap the item gives you
maxwt="0" - how much your max weight is increased
sf="0" - unknown
fr="0" - fire resistence
cr="0" - cold/ice resistence
pr="0"- poisin resistence
lr="0" Electricity resistence
color="#FFFFFFFF" - color of the text? not sure
image_id="3" - image of the gun in the lower right hand corner while in game?
bullet_image_id="0" - unknown
magazine_image_id="0" - unknown
snd_fire="we_grenade_fire" - sound it makes when it shoots
desc="STR:ZITEM_DESC_30301" - description of the item, you can put it like this "this is a gun"
Melee weapons are a little different so i'll post it here too
ITEM id="1"
name="STR:ZITEM_NAME_1" - Same
mesh_name="dagger01" - Same
totalpoint="0" - Same
type="melee" - Same
res_sex="a" - Same
res_level="0" - Same
slot="melee" - Same
weapon="dagger" - Same
weight="5" - Same
bt_price="20" - Same
delay="366" - Same
damage="8" - Same
range="160" - How far away from you can slash, smaller number, smaller distance, lets say this dagger had 999 range, i could stab u half way across the room rofl
ctrl_ability="0" - Same
magazine="0" - Same
reloadtime="0" - Same
slug_output="false" - Same
gadget_id="0" - Same
hp="0" - Same
ap="0" - Same
maxwt="0" - Same
sf="0" - Same
fr="0" - Same
cr="0" - Same
pr="0" - Same
lr="0" - Same
color="#FFFFFFFF" - Same
image_id="0" - Same
bullet_image_id="0" - Same
magazine_image_id="0" - Same
desc="STR:ZITEM_DESC_1" - Same
and if anyone wants a custom weapon maker, i'm looking, lol
I'm post this somewhere else too
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Apr 20, 2006
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Question hasn't been answered yet ~_~ im asking what xml is defining the weapon="rifle" or w.e and btw thx for the rundown of the weapons >_< though i knew about 85% of it :p

@matrax : Yah Ifixed it just now.
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