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Quick Questions

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Aug 16, 2009
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I have three brief questions.

My three questions:
  • Where can I edit skills? How much damage or what they do?
  • Hex or Oly? Server.exe or game.exe?

  • Where can I edit mixtures? How to add a glow to a mixture?
  • Hex or Oly? Server.exe or game.exe?
  • Where can I edit aging? Where can I change the aging failure rates?
  • Hex or Oly? Server.exe or game.exe?

Air Bourne
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May 26, 2007
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I have said before that you can do anything in Hex that you can do in Olly, and vise-vesa... Olly only makes things easier to do, and harder to mess up completely. I don't see any reason to use Hex editor for the executables when Olly is there and will do the job better, faster, easier.

On the other hand, if you need to edit smd / smb files or save games or other non-executable binary files... Hex is your man.

Q. Where can I edit skills?
A. game.exe (there may be checking function in the server)

Q.Where can I edit mixtures?
A.game.exe (I've never got it 100% yet)

Q.Where can I edit aging?
A.server.exe (there is a ageing failure rate editor for server use, but it only worked for certain specific servers)

These answers are about as far as my knowledge goes, as these are things I've been asked to help people with, not things I've ever had any interest in my self.

As ever, because I've not seen these things through myself, my information may be missing vital detail, or my memory may actually be *wrong*. But to the best of *my* knowledge, it's as right as I can be.

Everyone else is welcome to criticise my answers. XD I take no offence.
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