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R.I.P Devildancer

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Nov 19, 2003
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For those of you that knew him... I did
he was a very nice phoenix player (from official mir)

The saddening news:

the last ever post he made:

Here is the post for those of you that cant go on euro mir forums:

Lornicon said:
It saddens me to be the one to break this news to you. I was contacted recently by Yvonne, loving wife of the player known to all on Phoenix as DevilDancer.

I am still in shock after hearing this news, as will his friends in game after reading this.

Dear lordnicon

Thank you for your help, could you please put the following on the Legend of mir bulliton board.

to all the friends i used to know
i fear its now my time to go
i've tried to fight the pull of light
but i've no more will to fight
its glow it beckons me within
it seems so peacefull no more din
not tears of pain but tears of joy
oh how I love my little boy
i give so much can give no more
now its time to close the door.

Graham died in the early hours of Staurday the 22nd of May, he wrote this for all to see, so I am sharing it with you all. Graham died 3 times before he finally passed away. The first was on the operating table when they tried to remove a tuma from the right side of his brain, paretly suceeded but removing any more would have given him no chance. He died a further twice in post operation recovery were he remained unconcious for 4 days. When he finally woke it was with a cletched fist raised in the air. The hospital staff said he was in great pain but he never once complained, only to say he had a slight headache.

He loved the game you play so much and was very upset when he found he could no longer play it properly, he spoke about alot of different players, how some he helped and how some helped him.

Graham asked for me to share this poem with you, he said you would understand. It took him over an hour to type and just like he allways did he refused help.

I ask for you to celibrate his life for you all were part of it and not to be sad. I thank you for bringing alot of joy and happiness to what I know was a very difficult time for Graham.

Graham shall allways remain in mine & Nathans hearts, I hope he will in yours.

One player made Graham laugh so much he left a special message "come get me now if you dare!"

Love Yvonne

DevilDancer will always be remembered in this game as one of the greatest players to ever grace these servers. He was one of the most kindest players, one of the most honest players and one of the most skilful players I have known.

The name DevilDancer will never be forgotten. He was one of the true legends of this game, until his dying day he lived and breathed the spirit of MIR. This is indeed a sad day, as one of the bravest MIR legends leaves this world and moves onto another.

He will be missed by many, both on and offline.

My wishes go out to Graham
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May 24, 2003
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R.I.P DD wen i read all of the replies that people put in his thread it actually brought a tear to my eye and i think that its unfair that such a nice person dies

R.I.P DevilDancer
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Jul 29, 2003
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as he died in r/l or just left the game :S

iv known him for like a year and a half and he has always helped me when ever iv needed it... :cry: i really hope iv miss read and he ant died in r/l :cry:
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Feb 24, 2003
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:( wats with all the deaths... i didnt know Graham "R.I.P" but he seems to be a very cool guy :( happy wishes go to Grahams family and Graham him self... :'(