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[ READ ME ] How to find Solutions before creating a thread!

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May 26, 2009
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There are plenty of users that are new to this community and this section, therefore you probably don't know how to search and find solutions for your issues regarding your muonline server. In this thread i will give you some tips so you don't really have to make a thread here always
(if there is already an answer for your question/problem somewhere)

1. use Search Function
Link: MU Help Advanced Search
After you click this link you can search for 'keywords' and on the bottom of the page you can search for Threads or Posts (usually posts bring more results!) als you can use the MU General Search Function

2. Ask in the topic where you downloaded the files from and have problem with before making new thread here. The reason is people test in the actual thread and usually know how to help each other in there, especially if the OP (main post user) is active on the forum.

3. Most important, use Google.
I can't stress how useful Google is, i've learned 80% of my experience from googling my errors and questions before asking anyone or anywhere. The reason its because everything is almost recorded in Google and if you just write for example:
help mu online disconnect after launch problem and click search the results will be THIS
If you scroll just abit down you will see multiple of threads redirected on this section and when you click More results from forum.ragezone.com then you will find usually some answers/solutions.

If you haven't really searched atleast 1/2 minutes and come here asking for help, there are people who are tired of reposting or rewriting the same solutions and answers, but there are nice users who still help so its up to you, if you want to learn faster then use Search function and Google!
Have fun researching!

Kind Regards,
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