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Feb 19, 2007
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Banning me is unuseful, i will register again, i dont see any reason for banning me, im not doing anything wrong

Deleting this post is considered evassion of responsabilities, if you flame someone and steal his work, I have the rights to complain.
Banning someone because of complaining is stupid and is considered a rude action, you Keith, you are acting like a Nazi. When you reported this post you should be reporting yourself.
If you ban me, i don't care, It doesn't change anything with me, it's only a stupid virtual account, but you can get in trouble while banning me. Only remember, i have friends that will allways support me, most of them are hackers, if i were you i would be scared.

Hi people, i'm Emisand.

I know that LGKeiz is acting rare, is that he has several problems.
He is kleptomaniac, he was stealing my stuff, and he doesn't want to give me credits.
If he wants to use my codes he should ask me if allow him.

When he says that i'm a big noob, he was wrong, he was referrig with himself, he thinks that he can make the locator work, but he talked with a friend and he said that he can't, i'm the one that made it work.

Here you have proof:
(6:48) Lambda - GunZDB: hi
(6:48) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: alo
(6:48) Lambda - GunZDB: why u send me this PM?
(6:48) Lambda - GunZDB: emisand, I swear If I knew that kid I would kill him anywas locator.. I have it running, and Im pretty sure I know what is wrong, ServerStatus has the wrong table names am I correct ?
(6:48) Lambda - GunZDB: rofl
(6:48) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: I'm just wondering xD
(6:48) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: I don't have it working correctly at this moment
(6:48) Lambda - GunZDB: xDD
(6:49) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: Yeah.. and now I did something wrong, and locator wont open, and I get the create error in log again
(6:49) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: LGKeiz - LGGunZ: Online!! New Patch V2 and V2.1!!!- http://legacygamers.net - New UserCount Record: 326 sighs
(6:50) Lambda - GunZDB: lol
(6:50) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: LGKeiz - LGGunZ: Online!! New Patch V2 and V2.1!!!- http://legacygamers.net - New UserCount Record: 326 goes to open ollydbg
(6:51) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: The only 3 things I need completed is...
(6:51) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: clanwar score showing
(6:51) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: kick out of clan Return value
(6:51) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: and locator
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: me too
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: rofl
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: me have the correct clan procedure
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: return "The clan is created"
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: yeah
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: same
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: but in spanish  
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: the only thing I dont have is..
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: The kick out of clan proc
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: people have to relogin with that one
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ::  
(6:52) LGKeiz - LGGunZ:: Dunno the Return value
(6:52) Lambda - GunZDB: lol
When you are saying that you made all the code of your server, you are lieing, so you are lier.

You will say that vicio didn't created the quest and central bank tables?, you will say that bryan didnt helped you with fixes?

You are a lier.

Keith Miller, you are only jealous that i made many things work and you are unable to do anything.

Now will you ban me for complaining about you?, you cant, you will be abusing of power, because you flamed me and u didnt got banned.

All people that read this, please understand me, Keith Miller (LGKeiz) is only a noob that leeched the work of a lot of people developed and posted here, and he put it into his server, making it popular.

Not open for further replies.