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Realm drop/pops out !! :(

Newbie Spellweaver
Feb 8, 2007
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Hi all, hmm in this rate im fu*king famus by now with my problems every where, lol

Now to my problem, i got the 2 cpus to "talk" to each other, and can connect to the realm list, then the "fun" starts, i drop/pops out after just a sec. later, and asks me to select My Realm again..

yes, ive seen it in the forum (the same problem) @ http://forum.ragezone.com/world-warcraft/lan-users-who-cannot-connect-219646.html
tho they clame to fixt it with a simple DNS program.

ive created a dns an ready to go (its set green, so no problem there) now shuld i retyp all the "my cpus" ip nr. (192.168.1.XXX) with the new DNS adress or just sum of them?

or is there any other way to fix my problem? :construct