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Redmoon Client and Patches

Initiate Mage
May 9, 2014
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I am looking to gather any client and patches of redmoon that are available. Preferably looking for older versions that were released around the time when gear was based off of attributes instead of level, and there was not any sky, a vends, and etc.

I have a ton of all the patch notes for those earlier times just no active links to the download.

My goal is to recreate a server as redmoon was when it was first released.

If anyone has a CD with the older clients or any digital copies of them send me a message or upload link please.

what i have so far Unnamed - Redmoon Client and Patches - RaGEZONE Forums
really need this ftp://download.redmoon.co.kr/pub/sw/game_sw/jcent/RedMoon/DownLoad/RedMoon252e.exe

Patch 2.52e (November, 2000)

  • Updated game messages and item details
  • Updated registration panel
  • Addition and update of items and shops
  • Added Battle Arena
  • Added Desert2 and Desert Dungeon1
  • Added Himalayan Dungeons1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Added remote island Dokdo
  • Implementation of honor system
  • Added capability for players to bonus reset for every 50 levels up until Level 300, after which they can bonus reset every 100 levels
  • Enhanced Monster AI
  • Updated background music

Patch 2.65e (February, 2001)

  • Updated game messages, NPC chat and item details
  • New exciting logon interface, including animation
  • New event monsters (such as Santa Clause, who only appears at Christmas)
  • Addition of over 150 new items as well as other stat changes
  • Added logout control (preventing immediate logoff as a method to avoid combat)
  • Added capability to skip the tutorial while you are in the tutorial zone
  • Added capability to see current location on the map (while using map items)
  • Added capability for Skill Hot Keys (with [CTRL] Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D, F, Z, X, C, V activating Skills in the order as they appear in the Skills Window)
  • Added capability to set move mode on/off (allows you to move in a direction automatically pointed to while you [CLICK] and hold), by typing: ‘movemode
  • Added capability to turn background music on/off, by typing ‘music on and ‘music off
  • Added capability to turn sound effects on/off, by typing ‘sound on and ‘sound off
  • Update of Lunarena's skills so that her attack rate is dependent on Dexterity, with 2.5x more attack power using Drain, Dark Sword, Star Shower, and Assassin

Patch 2.66e (March, 2001)

  • Revised game prolog
  • Fixes to text truncation in game messages, NPC chat and item details
  • Additional GM commands
  • PK penalty time reduced to 20 minutes
** The latest available game CD contains Redmoon at release 2.65e, and can be ordered FREE of charge by U.S. residents; see the Download section for further details.

^^This is what I'm looking for.^^

Patch 2.8e (April, 2001)

  • Introduction of new Special Items* that are not limited by character or level
    • Selion (Shirt) + Noas (Pants) + Sylphide (Shoes) + Elein (Belt) - which individually increase attack ability 5%, but all together increase attack ability 40%
    • Timas (shirt) + Rajas (hat)+ Shotba (shoe), which individually decrease attacks by 20% - but all together decrease attacks by 80%
    • Jupiter (armor) + Tears of Ruyter (pants), which individually decrease attacks by 10% - but all together decrease attacks by 80%
    • Graupnel (ring of Strength+1) + Topaz (ring of Spirit+1) + Aquarin (ring of Dexterity+1) - when worn together increase the attributes by +2
    • War of God (armor) - can only be worn by a clan commander, increases Strength power +500, Spirit power +500, Dexterity power +500, and attack +10,000
    • Infrascope (hat) - allows you to see invisible monsters
    • Spirit of Minnerema (hat) - offers increased protection
    • Nagrepar (glove) - improves accuracy
    • Fresh Breeze (shoe) - increase dexterity and moving speed
    • Ardne’s yarn (accessory) - can be used to exit a Dungeon (one use only)
    • Escape capsule (accessory) - allows escape to a Hospital in an emergency (one use only)
      Note – these Special Items change color as your character is killed. Starting at dark blue, it changes to lighter blue, then to white, and then to red… at which point the item will eventually disappear!​
  • Decreased frequency/increased amount of money from monsters
  • Adjusted monster placement and occurrence frequency
  • Improved armor weight calculation
  • Added weapons
  • Added capability of an “exchange bar” that allows characters to exchange items. The feature is invoked by typing: ex ‘player id’
  • Added special item that, for a limited time of 5 minutes, allows you to see whether other players have PK ON or PK OFF
  • Added special monster (identified by an icon) that when killed gives you 2.5x the experience points
  • Increased frequency of random quests by 5x
  • Added special items that cumulatively increase your defensive power to a maximum of +40%; however, they are only effective within the Battle Arena and are lost if you are defeated
  • Enhancement of the experience point calculation for group kills to take attack skill into account
  • Group kills generate an experience bonus of 20%
  • When a character reaches level 1000 then a bronze statue of them will be erected around the clock in Street 1
  • The PK penalty time will be reduced from 20 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Mouse over an item in your inventory displays the item name
  • The number of stat resets is displayed when you visit the doctor
  • Special item "Heart of Love" gives you 200 Love Points (displayed as a game message) that will come into play later in the game
  • Display of PK status when cross between maps (including buildings)

Patch 2.9e (May, 2001)

  • Addition of new Spaceship map that allows players (Level 400, with appropriate Quests completed) to travel to Signus
  • Addition of new Space Pirate monster, with special stealing skills
  • Addition of new Rock Monster that wanders the universe in search of the unwary space traveler
  • Enhanced leveling beyond 1000
  • Relocation of Banks, Shops and Hospitals to make character recovery after death easier
  • Relocation of Vendor, Runaway Girl and Old Woman
  • Addition of Arms Shop and General Shop
  • Addition of "Exit" signs on Beginner Zone maps to make navigation for beginners easier
  • Status Window [F1] redesigned from vertical to horizontal for enhanced playing area visibility
  • Addition of self-defense system that allows players to retaliate against other attacking players without PK penalty
  • Addition of Boss monster shout ability that lets players know they are in the area
  • Addition of "auto item pick up" command (`pickupmode toggles on/off) so that characters can automatically pick up items as they stop on them
  • Enhanced Group capability that includes:
    • The ability to create and maintain groups with members on different maps
    • An indicator that tells members of a group the location of all fellow group members
    • Change of map will not disband the entire group
  • All Level 400+ characters will be granted 2 attribute stat resets in order to adjust to all the new features and challenges
  • Addition of special "Seed" items which allow the player to brighten the world of Redmoon with flowers and trees
  • Monsters can now enter Parks (they are no longer "safe" areas)

Patch 3.03e (July, 2001)

  • New Level 500 Quest that reveals individual background information for each of the characters
  • Updated Spaceship with Level, Honor, and Group member limits to enter
  • Added Spaceship events during the trip to Signus
  • New Signus maps (AX-1, BX-1, CX-1, and DX-1)
  • New Signus monsters (Scout Robot, Security Soldier, Base Guard, Platoon Leader, Spy Plane)
  • PK System - characters Level 15 or less cannot no be PK'ed
  • PK System - PK no longer affects Honor
  • PK System - "Black Tag" penalties are now cumulative and persistent with repeated player kills
  • PK System - New character "freeze in place" as additional PK penalty; also cumulative on repeat PK
  • PK System - Players can reduce PK penalty times by abstaining from PK behavior
  • PK System - PK'ers cannot take Quests
  • PK System - Hide/Invisibility skills no longer conceal PK'ers from other players
  • PK System - New PRISON added to Boss Spy Dungeon in which no PK'ing (of even Black Tagged PK'ers) or whispering is allowed; PK penalty times last 2x as long here
  • PK System - Wardens added to allow access to/from the Prison from Street1
  • PK System - Fees added for entry to and exit from Prison (the latter removing outstanding PK penalty time)
  • PK System - New automated "Divine Punishment" that will kill characters for continued PK behavior
  • Increased defense stats on items with defensive capability
  • New Poison Pill (only available from monsters) that replaces Doctor visits for stat resets
  • New Amnesia Pill (only available from monsters) that causes loss of Honor points
  • Updated monster stats
  • Addition of "Legendary Medicine" Quest that allows players > Level 1000 to gain additional bonus points
  • Confirmation of mail deletion

Patch 3.22e (September, 2001)

  • New commands (3.22e September 25[SUP]th[/SUP], 2001)

    • `asktrade refused turns off the ability for other players to enter into a trade with you (the Trade Window is never displayed)
    • `asktrade accepted turns on the ability for other players to enter into a trade with you (the Trade Window is displayed)
    • `recall refused turns off the ability for other players to Recall you (the Recall Window is never displayed)
    • `recall accepted turns on the ability for other players to Recall you (the Recall Window is displayed)
    • `chatview on and `chatview off toggle the scrolling chat displays on/off (although all chat is still recorded for review in the History Window)
    • `shortkeymode on allows changing of skills in the Quick Bar with the character key only (e.g. [Q] rather than [Ctrl][Q], allows use of items in the Quick Bar with the number key only (e.g. [1] rather than [Ctrl][1], and prevents activation of the Chat Window except by hitting [Enter] first.
    • `shortkeymode off toggles the behaviour back to the standard default setting
  • New character skills (3.22e September 25[SUP]th[/SUP], 2001)

    CharacterSkill NameIconCharacter RequirementsMP UseDescription
    PhilarStarlight600+6503000100%Project a psychic shield to protect multiple people and enhance their attack abilities
    Soul Crush-650Disperse positive energies of your opponent and doom them with a dread curse
    AzlarHoly Shield600+600300020,000Purity of spirit shields you from attack
    Damned Armor-600Uses the darkness of your soul to reflect attacks and devastate opponents
    SadadLightning Blade600+650900600Ectoplasmic blades strike down a long range target
    Rabbit's Foot-6501000Bend probabilities to your advantage and improve your attack success
    DestinoSilver Arrow700+600650500Create an arrow of pure psychic energy that will strike true
    Chaos-600A wave of entropy that leaves your opponent unable to control their actions
    JarexxBerserker550+3504801000Enter a beserk rage for great attack but at the cost of defense
    MadSpin (Spear Required)-350Unique psychic focus allows you to speed attacks
    CanonDysperse (Gun Required)700+650560300Boost the kinetic energy of your ammo to cause scatter damage
    Chain Reaction (Gun Required)-650Psychic boost that causes damage chain reaction across multiple targets
    LunarenaHope600+600810300Mental guide to multiple players allowing recovery of HP and MP
    Purity of Heart-600Enhance the sense of danger and tap your special skills more quickly
    KitaraZyphyrus600+55013505000Accelerate your actions and those around you
    God of Death-55030%Psionic wave that kills distant opponents
    LavitaDestruction500+350850700Destroys the will of your opponents and makes them easier to crush
    Slow-35020%Alter time around your opponents and make them sluggish to react
  • New Army System (3.22e September 25[SUP]th[/SUP], 2001)

    There are now two "army buildings" referred to as "Camps":
    • Camp Liberation (used to be the Street2 Army Building)
    • Camp Freedom (new building on Street3)
    Each Camp has 20 Army Halls (floors) that can be rented, or captured through conquest in battle, by individual armies.
    Each Camp also has a single Army HQ, located on the second floor of the basement, and represents the ultimate army facility.

    Army Shops
    Armies are now able to control Shops (called Army Shops hereafter) where they can decide the price of items; this applies to any in-game shop.

    Army Types
    1. Free Agent Army
      A "wandering army" that has not yet acquired any Army Hall, Army HQ, or Army Shop (i.e. is not affiliated with either Camp)
    2. Regular Forces Army
      An army that has acquired an Army Hall but has not yet acquired an Army Shop or an Army HQ
    3. Special Forces Army
      An Army that has acquired an Army Hall AND an Army Shop, but as yet has not secured an Army HQ
    4. Elite Forces Army
      An Army that has acquired an Army Hall, an Army Shop, AND an Army HQ
    Wars fought between different types of army are decided on varying criteria, and allows armies to capture opposing Halls, Shops and HQ's.

    Forming An Army
    Enter either the Camp Freedom or Camp Liberation building, and use the computer located in the common area to form your army. You will effectively belong to the Camp whose building you use to create your army.
    • The Army Commander (who forms the army) must be at least Level 400, with +/-400 Honor
    • There must initially be at least 10 additional army members of at least Level 300 (no Honor requirement)
    • Army formation can either be "Immediate" (all members must be in-game to receive the invitation) or "Pending" (the latter allows 168 hours to find and recruit the required 10 members)

    Organizing an Army

    • Each Commander can designate up to 5 Lieutenants
    • A Commander can also take the position of Lieutenant
    • Each Lieutenant is in charge of 1 Unit (capable of seeing their own announcements)
    • Each Army Hall can accommodate up to 5 Units (and as each Camp Building has 20 Army Halls this means a maximum of 100 Units per Camp)
    • The maximum number of soldiers that an army can have = 50 + (Commander's Level/20)
    • Commander new roles and responsibilities include:
      • Promoting/demoting soldiers to/from a Unit
      • Warping soldiers
      • Promoting/demoting a soldier (of any level) to/from Lieutenant
      • Allocating Lieutenant powers
      • Designating a new commander (who must meet ALL of the requirements detailed above for a Commander)
    • An army can form an alliance with up to 4 other armies
    • An army accepting an alliance cannot form their own independent alliances

    Disbanding an Army

    • An army must always have 10 people of at least Level 300 or it will be disbanded
    • A disbanded army will have their accommodations (Hall, Shop, HQ) returned to their original unoccupied state


    • 48 hours must pass from the last battle before war can be declared again
    • 120 hours must pass from the last battle before war can be declared between the same two armies (i.e. they fought the last battle)
    • The Camp computer can be accessed to determine information regarding an army's Halls, Shops, etc. as well as the status of a battle
    • Once war is declared it must start after 24-100 hours
    • A battle lasts 1,2, or 4 hours (and must be selected)
    • Armies in battle (excluding alliances) can request "end of war" that if accepted results in no penalties (but once rejected it cannot be made again)
    • An army can surrender (and lose the war)
    • The new Army Chat system allows effective communication during war
  • New BattleDimension (3.22e September 25[SUP]th[/SUP], 2001)

    The BattleDimension was created as a virtual arena here on Earth, which will allow you to hone your own character skills or learn how other characters can and will fight (without fear of experience or item loss). You may also find allies to fight with once you return to the normal world. The ultimate goal is to improve your chances in the battle with Aguilas, however, as you will be fighting other players it will also allow us to rank the best among you… and whoever is the best will receive a special item.

    Entering the BattleDimension
    • Gateways to the BattleDimension have been constructed at piers selected in Street2 and Downtown4.
    • Entry is only possible in a 30-minute window, after which you will have to wait 1 hour before being able to try entry again; essentially combat within the BattleDimension is split into 16 x 90-minute sessions per day.
    • You can choose to fight as any character type.
    • Your new character name will be your existing name prefixed by the first two characters of the server on which you were playing before entering the BattleDimension. So, for example if your normal character name is "azlar99" your BattleDimension character would be "DIazlar99" (as the U.S. server is named DIOSA). The BattleDimension allows players from different "enabled" logical servers to battle against one another. However, at present only DIOSA is included in the U.S. BattleDimension.
    • Entry further requires:
      (a) You be a character of at least Level 1000
      (b) You be an Army Commander or an Army Lieutenant (there is one Commander and five Lieutenants per Army [Please Refer to the New Army Rules])
      (c) You purchase a Entry Pass for 20,000,000
      (d) You have been mailed an Entry Pass on reaching Level 275, 325, 375, 425, 475, 525, 575, 625, 675, 725, 775, 825, 875, 925, 975.
    • You are among the first 150 players meeting one of the above requirements (on a first come, first serve basis)

    Combat in the BattleDimension
    Once in the BattleDimension combat takes place across replicas of what appear to be the Backyard, Street1, Downtown4, Sahara1 and the Himalayas. It is broken into 3 phases:
    • Phase 1 - Strategy (30 minutes)
      • Enter the BattleDimension
      • Find other characters to Group with (if you so choose)
      • Plan strategy
    • Phase 2 - Monster Combat, PK Mode Off (30 minutes)
      • Accelerated Level up to gain bonus points, honor, weapons, armor, items, etc.
      • Strategic distribution of bonus points into attributes to make your character as powerful as possible
      • Strategic distribution of weapons, armor, items, etc. between group members (if applicable)
      • Mistakes made here will be telling in the next phase
      • If killed then character is re-spawned in the area death occurred
    • Phase 3 - Character Combat, PK Mode ON (30 minutes)
      • All out war!
      • If you are killed then you are ejected from the BattleDimension, and re-appear in your normal body (unharmed) outside where you first entered.
      • At the end of the session all remaining players will also find themselves back in their normal bodies, but at the entry located in Street2 (even if they entered in Downtown 4)
      • At the end of Phase 3 your successful kills (PK's) are tallied and a point score calculated.
      • Your ranking, character, wins, losses, and total points will be posted on our website.
      • After ranking is complete, the player with the most PK's will receive "Power Pellets".

    Your actual character gains this item and when consumed it will give you 4 bonus points!

    Note that due to the rarity of this special item, and the fact that it serves the battle against Aguilas better to have many players receive one, players can only win it once in any 24-hour period. If a repeat win is made within the 24-hour period then the player receives only a congratulatory system message.
Patch 3.32e (October, 2001)

Sky City Maps 3.32e (October 30th, 2001)

  • 5 new cities that are named Uni, Anatu, Bau, Cyrn and Dyaus
  • In order to get to any of the Sky Cities you must first kill the platoon leader on Signus
  • You can also access them from Signus (not Earth) by the following:
    • An Azlar can recall you to a Sky City
    • A Blue Philar can open a dimensional gate to a Sky City
    • A Sadad can teleport to anyone within the Sky City
  • Combat NPC's
    • Spaceship monster stats have been decreased
    • 4 new combat monsters that are located in the Sky Cities
    • SkyCop - attacks from afar using an energy baton while flying on a hoverbike
    • Annihilator - attacks from afar with a high powered weapon and will nullify your skills if you are standing close by
    • Centinel - has a short range attack and will steal your items
    • Psyanide - has a spirit attack and the ability to cast Mind Shield, Guardian Diety and Lord of Wars on herself and other monsters
  • Redmoon Economy
    • A new currency has been introduced that can only be used on Signus and the Sky Cities called "Tau"
    • Tau has no value on Earth and money has no value on Signus
    • The banks on Signus and the Sky Cities will only accept Tau and banks on Earth will only accept Earth money
    • The Bank System on Earth is separate of that on Signus
  • Shops and Items
    • Earth shops will now only sell items ranging from level 1 to level 500 (for money)
    • Signus and Sky City shops will sell items from level 260 to lvl 1000 items (for Tau)
  • Other Changes
    • New interface
    • Bank slots have been increased from 10 to 20 slots
    • The HQ armies will receive an additional 10% over existing revenues received from armies with halls
    • The Signus Girl character that sent mail has been removed
    • There is no mail system on Signus and the Sky Cities
    • The doctors now heal for free
    • Decreased the chances of losing 100% of your items until lvl 100
    • Grouping decreases the chances of losing 100% of your items

Patch 3.36e (December)

Introduction of 10 new special items called Boosters:
  • Booster Categories:
    Each booster falls into one of two categories regular or super. Regular items last 5 minutes and Super items last 10 minutes.​
  • Booster Duration:
    If you use two boosters of the same type (can be regular and super) at the same time, their duration is the sum of the two. For example if you use Quickyne regular and Quickyne super the total time of the added effect is 15 minutes.​
  • Obtaining Boosters:
    Boosters cannot be bought at shops, they are dropped by monsters.​
  • Booster Exceptions:
    Carrying certain items can make boosters ineffective. If you are carrying Fresh Breeze Boots, Spirit of Minnerema Hat, Infrascope Hat or Nagraper Gloves, you will not gain the effects of the booster. For example if you wearing Fresh Breeze Boots and use the Quickyne Booster, your speed will not increase.
    However, if your are carrying a weapon or armor that gives you the same effect as one of the Boosters, using the Booster will add to the effect. For example, if you are wearing armor that gives you 40% defense and use the Protyne-P Booster (adds 15% to users defense), then your defense will be increased 55%.​

Booster Types
Quickyne - Doubles your speed
Aryne - Increases attack ability by 10%
Protyne-M - Increases defense from monster attacks by 15%
Adrenalyne - Increases power (0.5 (points allocated to power) *bonus points)
Dextyne - Increases dexterity (0.5 (points allocated to dex) *bonus points)
Moradyne - Increases strength (0.5 (points allocated to strength) *bonus points)
Anubyne - protects from harmful attacks
Protyne-P - Increases defense 15%
Visyne - Allows you to see those using the Invisibilty skill
Toxyne - Allows you to poison your opponent, has a 50% probability of success if attacks are successful

Also New!
Players can now exit prison with a PK tag.

Redmoon v3.53e (July 23[SUP]rd[/SUP], 2002) - Updated 7/17/2002
New Features:
Sunset Item Upgrades Added
Sky City Thrift Shops will be transformed to the Research Labs. Item upgrades will be done here.
Upgrading a Sunset Item
To upgrade an item, you must meet with an engineer from one of the Research Labs in the Sky Cities. The cost of upgrading an item is experience. If the player does not have enough experience, the upgrade will fail.
Sunset Items
Nauthiz Helmet
Nauthiz Armor
Nauthiz Pants
Nauthiz Boots
Nauthiz Belt
Nauthiz Gloves
Nauthiz Shield
Majestic Ring
Majestic Necklace
Sunset Item Upgrade Stages
Basic item upgrade stages: Upgraded -> Enhanced -> Augmented -> Superior
The item's stage will upgrade only when all of the stats of the item are increased. If only part of the item's stats increase, the item will not change. The number of times a stat has been increased will be made known through the item window. Although there is chance for failure, the stages of upgrading are unlimited. Beware, upgrading is very strenuous on the items. The item's stability decreases and the stats increase. This may cause your item to evaporate into thin air.
Upgraded Creationier
]Enhanced Creationier
]Augmented Creationier
Superior Creationier
Placing the mouse over the items will reveal the change in both the stats of the item and its appearance.
The numbers shown under the item's name are the current stats of the item in the following order:
[Attack - Strength - Spirit - Dexterity - Power]
The stats for the Creationier shown here are:
[19 Attack - 12 Strength - 3 Spirit - 15 Dexterity - 7 Power]

If PlayerB is the second player to attack PlayerC during the time PlayerC can retaliate against PlayerA, PlayerC's retaliation to PlayerA will not be nullified. Retaliation can be carried out against both players. The number of players that can be retaliated against coincides with how many players attack a single player. The length of time for retaliation against one player increases with the number of times that player attacks a player who can retaliate.​

Destino Hide Skill

  1. Casting the skill while hiding will cause the player to resurface.
  2. Attacking while hiding is not possible. A Destino player must resurface prior to attacking.
  3. There will be a 3 second cooldown period before a Destino can attack with PK mode on.
  4. The length of the Hide Skill has been lengthened.

Chat Modes
The option to turn on/off individual chats has been added through a command.
`chatview on
Turns on all chat views

`chatview off
Turns off all chat views

`chatview state
Displays chat view states as shown below:
Chat views: [G: On] [Sys: On] [S: On] [W: On] [Gr: On] [A: On]
[G: General] [Sys: System] [S: Shouts] [W: Whispers] [Gr: Group] [A: Army]​
`chatview ###### - Turns specified chats on or off
`chatview 100000 - allows only General messages to appear
`chatview 010000 - allows only System messages to appear
`chatview 010001 - allows only System and Army messages to appear
Chat modes that have been turned off, the contents are saved in the history so that they may be viewed at a later time.

BattleDimension Sessions will now run 5 times a day. Listed below is the schedule for each session. All times listed are PST / UTC-8.

12:00 A.M.10:00 A.M.
4:00 A.M.3:00 P.M.
7:00 P.M.
Power Pellets
Power Pellets will now be worth 2 bonus points instead of the previous 4. There will be a 100 Power Pellet limit placed on all players. This includes players who have already used any Pellets. If a player has already exceeded this amount, his or her amount will be reduced to reflect the new limit. All players who have used a Power Pellet will have their stats adjusted back to 10, moved to the nearest hospital, and given the proper amount of Bonus Points, that shall reflect the number of pellets they have consumed, but which shall not exceed the limit. Players who have already reached this limit and attempt to use a Power Pellet will lose it and no extra Bonus Points will be awarded.

Text Messages
Various text messages have been changed or corrected.

Redmoon v3.8e (January 28[SUP]th[/SUP], 2003) - Updated 01/17/2003
New Features:
Downtown School Dungeon
The School Dungeon can be found in the upper area of Downtown1. There are 3 floors within the Dungeon. School Dungeon 1 for level 200 and up, School Dungeon 2 for level 500 and up, School Dungeon 3 for level 600 and up.
School Dungeon 1
New Monsters
Fear the Wyvern!

ZombieA once human creature made of bones and dressed in leather. It takes on its second form when killed.
ZombieThe second form of the Zombie.
ApophisAppears in the 2nd floor of the School Dungeon. It possesses speed and a fierce attack that makes it more a more formidable opponent.
Soul StalkerAbsorbs MP, while attacking with great strength and quickness. The 5 second safety period after connecting does not apply here.
WyvernThe Wyvern can be found in the 3rd floor of the School Dungeon. It attacks with fire and can cause great earthquakes using its power. Its earthquake attack is not affected by obstacles and deals damage to anyone in its range. Negative skills have no effect on it and it's able to reveal any hide skills; i.e. Hide, Invisibility. If it can't reveal you, it will simply attack you even if you have the Invisibility or Hide skills enabled. Specail Item weapons have no effect on it. When standing within Wyvern's range, it can warp to you and attack. Drops Special Items which are not affected by the quantity limit. He can also attack as soon as the player has appeared on a map. The 5 second safety period after connecting does not apply here.
Be warned: Due to the power of this monster, only those who are very powerful should attempt to battle the Wyvern.
Special Item Shop
The Trader Shop in Sahara1 will be replaced with a Special Item Shop. Special Items can now be bought and sold through this trader.
* When the patch goes live, all items in the current Sahara1 Trader's inventory will be deleted. We request that players take back their items before they are deleted.
Durability Potion
The Durabiliity Potion must be used to buy and sell items through the Special Item Shop. This item may drop upon death. It is advised that the item be stored away.
Two new boosters are being introduced. As with all other boosters, they each come in 5 minute and 10 minute durations.

Prevents stamina from decreasing when running.
Adds one point to spirit.
New Items
[This is a one time use item that protects both normal and special items. The character who uses a Protection item will have their items protected for the next death experienced after using the Protection item.
Each item class has new items.
Earth Item Stat Changes
All Earth items have changed in stats and level restrictions.
The current level restrictions or levels 1 - 900 have been changed to levels 1 - 600, with items having new level restrictions.

Forged Bastard Sword450250003000001200300
Legendary Mithril Sword500383003500001400400
Crystalline Blade550528004000001600400
New Moon Blade600753004500001800400
Nova Blade6501080005000002000400
Laser A-53503000001000600700
Laser XT4504000002000700750
Atomic Ray5005300003000800800
Ionic Ray5507500004000900850
Plasma Beam600108000050001000900
Heavy Arms
TOW 2 Launcher1????1000?
Bazooka M91????2000?
Crystalline Spear4002500025005050750350
Hyperion Spear4503600001001001100100
Banisher Spear500480003500150150850450
New Moon Spear550700004000200200900500
Nova Spear60010000002502501250250
Qwiji Bow40028000000100800
Ionia Bow45039000000200950
Paradise Bow500530000003001150
New Moon Bow550750000004001300
Nova Bow6001080000005001500
Frost Staff4505001000100220000
Ice Staff4805001500200245000
Glacia Staff5105002000300270000
Saturn Wand5405002500400310000
jfield420 - Redmoon Client and Patches - RaGEZONE Forums

Nova Wand
Jupiter Ring45000340710340410
Poseidon Ring48000360760360440
Apollo Ring51000380810380470
Zeus Ring54000400860400500
Venus Ring57000450950450550

Divine Punishment
Divine Punishment has been removed.​

Downtown1 Safe Zone Added
Surrounding areas around the Battle Arena, Bank, and Hospital of Downtown1 are now safe zones.​

Signus Items
Signus item level requirements have been changed to level 600 and above.​

Armors have been adjusted so that Philar, Azlar, and Kitara can now equip the different pieces.​
Silver Samnite Armor370
Mithril Hamaraki490
Moon Armor610
Sun Armor640
Silver Cap90
Mithril Cap160
Moon Cap450
Sun Cap500
Silver Gloves75
Mithril Gloves185
Moon Gloves445
Sun Gloves545
Silver Shield195
Mithril Shield365
Moon Shield600
Sun Shield640
Silver Belt175
Mithril Belt350
Moon Belt500
Sun Belt550
Silver Boots115
Mithril Boots205
Moon Boots380

Booster Usage
Destino's Hide Skill is no longer protected from Azlar's Dispell skill even when the Anubyne booster has been used.​

Legendary Medicine
The possibility to acquire the Legendary Medicine has been increased.​

Army War Declaration
When declaring war, the method of typing in the opposing army's name has been changed so that the name of the army being declared on is selected from a list.​

Signus Weapons
Signus weapons will now do more damage.​

Signus Weapons
Character damage has been adjusted.​

Sunset Item Stability
All Sunset Items have a probability of evaporating during the x9th to x0th level upgrades.

9 -> 10
19 -> 20
29 -> 30
99 -> 100

Once the item has been successfully upgraded past the x9th to x0th stages, the remaining 9 upgrades do not have any possibility of evaporating.​

More info coming soon!
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Sep 22, 2020
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I need the document e341t353.
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Sep 22, 2020
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Sorry, I don't know where to download it.

Oh, I'm wrong. I need the 4.503 customer service file
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Dec 25, 2013
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Screenshot_7 - Redmoon Client and Patches - RaGEZONE Forums
Dunno if you are still looking but i got all these (they r already patched by myself) versions serperated in the patches i have. 3.03=full install, 3.32=update, 3.41=update, 3.53=full install, 3.80=update, 4.40=full install, 4.402=update

So everything that says =update is a zip/rar/etc, every =full install is a DISK or a total CLIENT install