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[REL] Ripped layout [DIV] [EXPANDABLE]

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Erday im hustlin
Dec 10, 2007
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I wish i could see it but too bad site is down check the links.
Newbie Spellweaver
Oct 6, 2008
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Hello all, I'm back again with one more new ripped layout from a official fansite of habbo.se if not wrong. This layout seems abit plain but it's still nice though, and there's a little pixel problem at the right hand side of the banner, but it still looks good. I had also edit it for easier editing and changing of images or others things, so if you wanna change your banner, go to images/banner.gif and replace it with your new banner. If your banner isn't .gif format, then go to style.css, find "banner.gif" and replace the .gif with the format of your banner.

Live Demo:

I've only set up the index and stafflist page for you all, so after you uploaded the layout, you should get something like in the Live Demo.

The navigation uses simple HTML code like "<a href="javascript:showMenu('m4')" onClick="openMenu('guides');" class="m1" id="guides">Guides</a>" is a example of the header of that sub-navigation "Guides", and the HTML code that links to other page is "<a href="news/hotel.php" class="m3">Hotel News</a>" It's probably useless for me to explain it here, go try it out yourself and yeah, this is all the basic of HTML.

NOTE: iframe will not be suitable on this layout, as the navigation needs to be change when other page is loaded.
This layout is not made or coded by me, i just ripped it and edited it.

Lovley. Main feature and best part is defo the expandable features. Well done

Not open for further replies.