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Release 4.3

Junior Spellweaver
Jun 8, 2013
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Version is developed and repaired based on alex source code! !Of course, there may still be problems. If you find them, you can tell me, or leave a message. If you are willing to help, you can also PM me to join the development! ! ! The fix list is as follows

1. Add the drop rules for NPCs, which can be modified in the configuration file
2. Increase the point volume to get the effect
3. Add monsters to bypass geographic objects and parse new GEO data
4. Add a new teleportation effect (only teleport in the city), command ://goto
5. Increase the fireworks effect on the map of the show
6. Add the notification of the occupation of the base! ! (orange)
7. Add custom item drop! ! configuration file
8. Add garbage collection mechanism
9. Add the gift package (188710113), you can set any monster drop
10. Add the full-level gift package (188710112)

1. Fixed (if you use candy to get points, it will cause (candy to fail)
2. Fixed a problem where there is no online player on the server for a long time, causing the server to be automatically maintained
3. Fix the horn (now it can display the color correctly)
4. Fixed the incorrect item from the Granda Myth Box
5. (Temporarily) delete the knockback effect of the killing star skill
6. Fixed the issue where monsters cannot be refreshed after pets automatically pick up dropped items
7. Corrected the death prompt in the copy is invalid
8. Delete the transformation effect in FFA, which makes it impossible to use skills
9. Fix the Beltron floating monster and add the real code that doesn't work
10. Add automatic transfer of branding tasks
11, Add cutscenes in missions
12, Added many missing NPCs and portals in the fortress copy
13. Added drop rules for specified items
14. Added the core garbage cleaning mechanism to reduce the recycling of core threads
15. Fixed the world BUFF, now all NPCs can add BUFF
16, Fixed the skill icon error after setting the level, now you can set the level arbitrarily, and the skill will not be lost
17. Fixed the NPC in the show, now it can dance normally
18. Fixed a large number of NPCs floating in the air and wrong positions
19. Join the legion reward BUFF
20, Fixed all base refresh NPC errors
21. Fixed the AI ​​bug of the city gate
22. Fix the occupation channel cannot be entered, now the occupation channel can be displayed correctly
23. Fixed adding teleportation effect. Players cannot be seen on the same map after death. Now the effect can be seen within 100 meters
24. Repair skill capture effect
25. Fix the double prompt message after using the item
26. Fix the display error of the skill bar after changing the branding skill


Welcome to use

Initiate Mage
Aug 4, 2016
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Thanks for sharing, I'll try it next week. I'll let you know of any errors I got. (On the other hand I never downloaded on baidu so I had to go on youtube to learn)
Initiate Mage
Aug 4, 2016
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I allowed myself to put it on my mega if it can allow some to download it more easily.
Initiate Mage
Sep 23, 2022
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Where can I get the source code to tinker with?

I am working on Linux but have the correct JDK installed.

I want to create a solo play version of Aion looking for the least buggy source somewhere in the Aion 4.0-4.7 range no lower or higher. Tried a couple of versions of 4.7.5, both had show stopping bugs.
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