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[Release] AKDB Website Dump - EN/ES/FR/TW

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Jan 8, 2022
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AKDB Offline Dump (Apr 20th 2022 Patch)

- 99.902988% Complete. Experienced some errors and working on fixing. There were 1,173 errors & 47 skipped total on pages. Meaning 1,220 pages out of 1,154,496
had issues copying. Some of the skipped I purposely didn't copy as it would start copying other websites as well, others I am trying to figure out why it skipped.
- Automatically Organized.
- Clicking index.htm opens up the main page. You may click anything from there and navigate as if you were on the website itself. Even changing language option works. Envoy path also works. Haven't found much that didn't work.
- It should include most if not all of the websites code. The errors & skipped text docs will show you what is missing and what you need to make yourself.
- If you don't care about the offline website aspect it has every single image the website uses. You can use those images for whatever you want.
- This can be used for bot creation & duplicating the website. I will be using for my bot so stay tuned for that.
- It supports FR (French), TW (Mandarin Chinese), ES (Spanish), & EN (English) just like the main DB does. Meaning the discord bot can support those 4 languages.

Mega Link - 11.2 GB
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