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[Release] Guardian Pre Awakening Version Server Files

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Aug 21, 2019
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pUl4pvt - [Release] Guardian Pre Awakening Version Server Files - RaGEZONE Forums

It's me again. I had forgotten to create the thread about these files but here goes!

This is the Guardian Pre Awakening Retail version, unfortunately the files are incomplete and you need to finalize them. But I'm going to share it anyway, because there's no reason to keep these files with "Selected" people

The version does not come with a client. But with a basic Deploy you can get the client suitable for this version
This version still needs to be finalized, it is necessary to write the Database files so that the installation can be carried out.

Server Files

Version of the files: GT LIVE DEPLOY 73

Who knows, maybe there will be a more updated version soon?