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[RELEASE]ImteUpCode logic for Store.dat

Jun 7, 2012
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Hi again,
Been doing some stupid work again and figured it out (bcs its been long time not playing with this :lol: )

first, you can find out the sql code for "ItemUpCode"
or you can put it to your webserver (much faster and doesnt req internet connection haha) and its included a .dat file contain some example on hex
second, for hex editor im using 010 editor you can download it for trial or you can purchase it for full version

part 1
- K, so now we are ready to learn some logic on the "ItemUpCode". Example, if we generate the sql code from the website / upgrader it will looks like this "0x7fffffff" and sure we need to make it readable, how?
1. its can be called hex is a reverse from this sql code. example if its writen 7fffffff, on hex it would be FFFFFF7F
2. or you can learn the logic by this pic
UuMKqKq - [RELEASE]ImteUpCode logic for Store.dat - RaGEZONE Forums

3. after you are understand how its work, then you are ready for part 2 :D:

part 2
- How to find out the code that we use on the store.dat?? (both client and server)
As i know, both client and server "ItemUpCode" using Int (number), so its easier for us to change it.
1. sort the 4 coloum of hex code we got from the upgrader (after converted to hex) / created by ur own logic
2. then see this pic
TlbA5pv - [RELEASE]ImteUpCode logic for Store.dat - RaGEZONE Forums

3. and you are ready to replace the old one "ItemUpCode"
4. for try, you can change PVP Weapon NPC (server and client) by changing 2147483647 to ur new ItemUpCode number then save it, replace the edf and try to see and buy it ingame :fanny:

*php credit by FDCore (i just manual take it from rfdb.info/upgrader)
**sorry if my grammar was bad, still learning :laugh:
***tutorial and image was created by me


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