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[Release] Terminus Version 3 source code

Apr 16, 2018
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📌 Open for surfing with 1 good sauce, new round 📌
SRC Terminus Version3
(This shot fixes a few bugs.) and adding more new systems + deeper clean shots)
This software has solved various errors that have been reported by users from Version2. Part of it is the best it can be.
🚩 can do all genres, shot without bucks, all systems that are used (guaranteed), can be done until Colo style, the car system does not buck
Get it open and ready to play at a price of 3,500 b. Ready to install everything Ready to play) Guaranteed value for money
🚩 The machine that opens a pair is a machine for 800 per month (guaranteed that the machine is fast and smooth)
🚩For anyone who buys just a sauce, sells at 2,500 b.
🚩Existing customers who used to buy Version2 go add 1,000 to get Version3
▶ A certain level of clean shots Only what is needed is left (no color for easy installation of new items). and less games)
▶ Obj various maps cleaned out only those that are not really used. What is needed will still be complete. Didn't clean it out (so as not to be bugged when posting other maps)
▶ Logo images or images can be edited at any point.
▶ Plus 7-8 beautiful maps that are nice to play
▶ Clean coat shots on both sides There is no randomness in the shot)
▶ Completely cleaned the FR, the face of the Von En or various uis.
▶ Sort the numbers of various objects Organized in English, easy to categorize things.
▶ Dead and shows off the dress. Both the shooter and the dead
▶ Ready-to-fire boxes, or random boxes adjusted via SRC
▶ New ranks, police and robbers, total 20 ranks (10 ranks per side)
▶ New color names: 14 colors + RGB (all soft glow colors)
▶ Press TAB to show the clan name in front (Clan colors are separated from name of the main color of the character)
▶ Adjust abilities through all shots (want to do db to fix it)
▶ Nogol Noznai (only needed want to add more can be added by yourself The code has been sorted.)
▶ Rank DEV , Gold Star , Red Ax Separate Code Name Color Display
▶ ESP Dave is required to use. (want other can be added by yourself)
▶ Air drop system (new OBJ) now sets smoke to disappear quickly (reduces lag)
▶ Press P crafting system (number can be specified)
▶ Press F5 to open/close the chat channel.
▶ Press F9 system to record the clip (no lag, no watermark)
▶ CSGO random box system (adjustable via SQL)
▶ Horn system to summon ghosts (adjustable distance)
▶ Explosion system to summon boss (can summon only farm room with boss walk table)
▶ Drag and drop system (drag any part of the screen)
▶ The system opens the card or items and gets GC (already pump-proof).
▶ megaphone system for announcements (See all rooms)
▶ Private rental room system (You can enter a password)
▶ system to buy items, specify the amount (Pump proof)
▶ No-drop room system (complete, can adjust death, birth already pumped)
▶ 2 levels of nora room system (complete with notification before entering the map)
▶ 10 level vip system (Ability can be adjusted)
▶ MVP boss system with health (complete, adjust split ability and separate loot drop)
▶ New boss rank system, 10 ranks, shoot the full number of bosses, get ranks according to the adjusted LV (rank abilities can be adjusted)
▶ Decrease the cpu to a certain extent.
▶ Bug-free solution, not leaked, can support 150+ people (in case of too many people, you need to add more devices as well)
▶ Filled various bugs and prevented pumping at all points. (Never had a history of being pumped since use)
▶ Other systems, miscellaneous things like general sockets, can't imagine
❌ Note: The character's face music sound system does not exist. (Want to do more)


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