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[REQUEST] I Need jptadminclient !!

Divine Celestial
Feb 26, 2007
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Why don't you just use some other client, such as BPT.exe?
AND the new item equips does not exist in the jptadminclient, that's why im not finding the point by using an old client like jpt.exe :O

Btw, I should recommend you to use some newer repack than McMadness_Repack. It's kinda old you know, I think they works fine too and so, but actually these newer repacks are more stable. I tried out McMadness repack one month ago. I kept my server running in about 2-3minutes til the server crashed. I retried to start it up again and I still get the same result. Then I tried Server_200 with a new server.exe from DBPT. My server were now running for 4-5hours WITHOUT crashing, and also without any lagging problems and so on.