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required races

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Aug 5, 2006
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Sorry to bother all of you

Here's my question i'm hosting a mangos 2.0.8 tbc server it runs great only one thing QUESTS lol the starting areas for the new races cant do quests i almost finished all quests for the new races but i have a little problem i need for bloodelfs and Dranei the RequiredRaces number

1 human
2 orc
4 dwarf
8 nightelf
16 undead
32 tauren
64 gnome
128 troll
Alliance 1+4+8+64 = 77
Horde 2+16+32+128 = 178
so i'm guessing that the next would be 256 and 512 but i dunno for sure can someone please verify this if i'm correct. so i can finish my project for quest and help the rest with this by uploading my SQL files