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Revamping RageZone: Call for Section Moderators and Marketing Help

Nov 14, 2001
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im prob going to work on ragezone allot tomorrow, prob upgrade it to 3.03 , remove the old arcade and so forth, try to get it to a minimal needed thing, and maybe add a larger range of sections, no need to limit our selves to mmorpg.

So let me make this clear, im fed up of RZ atm on how things are going, 50k users, wow.. woopdy... lets get some community going, so even if rz is staying for the final 2 weeks, im going out with style..

So, from now on, im looking for new mods for all different sections, and i will read every pm....


when pming me with your reasons to become the mod, be sure to fill out this below application.

Real Name:
Your own website:
Section you wish to mod:

Reasons for being a mod:

Helpful posts:

Im also prob gonna work on some marketing for RZ, so im also looking for someone to help here, with planning, maybe find some companys looking for sponsorship towards us.

So if u want to donate, give me an idea of what section to add, or just plain email me, do so at....


Feb 19, 2003
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Ragezone Marketing.

Ragezone is the N01 gaming forum on the net today and the membership and stats prove this is the case. Ragezone will soon be looking for advertising sponsors to help and support this great forum.

If you know of a company, website or any computer, gaming related site that would like to be a part of our structure, then please Email me direct at: advertising@ragezone.com with your requirements and in turn we will supply you with costs.

We are currently only looking for 468X60 banner adverts and possibly button advertising. This is an ideal opportunity for companies to get noticed via us Ragezone and to all our 51,000 plus membership.

Regards all.