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RO installation

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Sep 6, 2008
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Hi, I'm really new to all this server setup stuffs. I've been roaming this forum and setting up the server for few days now but no luck.. sad.. All the guides are kinda outdated.. I know how to setup the server and SQLs stuffs.. but I have a few question to ask..

1. I want to ask what kind of RO is needed to connect the server. sakray? eRO? kRO? both kRO + sakray? or eRO + sakray? (I have both latest sak_setup0616 & rag_setup0616 but not kRO yet )

2. Do I need to install kRO 1st and then only install sakray or just sakray only and do the patch?

3. Then what to apply next? I know translation patch is needed but RagLite? diff patcher?? hexed client?? X-ray??? (

4. I'm using the ea13192.. it is compatible with the latest version of sakray? (example is I've setup a MapleStory server using v.55 and the appropriate v55 server files & SQLs. )

5. If I'm using sak0616, the diff I need to apply is kro sakexe diff 0616 but the current one is >> 2008-09-10aSakexe.rar. It is check with the eathena rev version instead of checking it with the sakray version?

These are the files I currently have.. what else do I need?
raglite-1010. ( I have a feeling its a bit outdated and the link in this forum to download Raglite on the host is dead >.> )
translation files for sakray

Thx in advance for anyone who take their time to help me. =)
Sorry for any grammar error. >.<
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Nov 16, 2004
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instal rag setup 0616, then sak setup 0616, no translation should be needed. any hexed client should work but i had to go through 3 to find one that worked.