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Rowplayon server Gameguard

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Feb 28, 2013
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I recently revisited the game RYL/ROW. The servers have been set up and I have successfully entered the game, but I am still troubled by the gameguard problem.

The server version I use is Rowplayon, and the client is also an official old version. Every time I enter the game, it will automatically connect to Gameguard for updates, but I want to play offline.

There are a few possible approaches I can think of so far:
1. Set up a local Gameguard server
I have researched that the Rowplayon version of the client directly controls the operation of Gameguard by Client.exe, so it seems useless to modify script.mcf, and Client.exe must be modified.

I have used various versions of Gameguard such as RYLCIB and RYLUS, and the connection is fine, but the modified Client.exe will fail to execute due to errors. I'm not sure if ROW's GG uses a different version to cause this.

Has anyone tried this method? Or is there any way to set up the same GG server as the official one?

2. Remove Gameguard in Client
I haven't tried this method yet, but I heard that there will be Gameguard authentication on the server side. Does this also need to be removed?

I later used Gameguard of other games and successfully entered the game, but it will be detected as a hack, and quit the game, which proves that the server also has a verification program. Unmatched Gameguard will also cause the game to be forced to quit.

After research, I successfully obtained Gameguard that matches ROW, and set up a local GG server, successfully entered the game. During the test period, I did not encounter any cheating detection.
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