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RPG server development 3.5 version

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May 17, 2023
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Hello everyone, I'm interested in setting up an Aion RPG server in version 3.9, limiting the level cap to 2.7, taking only some content from 3.9, but I'm not a developer, my professional area has nothing to do with programming, but I'm a big fan of MMORPGS, I already had a Brazilian server that had a good success for 8 months, I wanted to set one up again but I need someone to be my partner in this development. I used Aion Ligthning when I opened my 3.9 server, but it has a lot of bugs that I couldn't fix even my friend who had a little knowledge in programming, one of the bugs the player fell into the geodata and couldn't connect to the server anymore, and another is the League that didn't work, for my ideas the League was necessary

follows the server model:

Aion 2.7-3.9

Limit Level Cap to 55

Limit maps up to version 2.7 (Balaurea)

Limit Xforms to just Governor and Commanders

Remove Sets from Courage Insignia

World boss

Create a World boss spawn on a map, in my server we used Padmaraskha Cave and Tiamaranta Eye (the Eye was just for that, to kill the World Boss, it was an insane PvP, there are several videos on Youtube of people making these Worlds Boss) the bosses stayed alive for more than 1 hour due to the PvP that was going on, we edited a quest, the race that killed the World Boss completed the quest and the reward was 1 Platinum medal, every day the guys did this World Boss at night

Athana's Fate and Laestrygos' Weapons We can edit 1 quest to give these weapons, in Oficial these weapons are extremely Hard to get, they are the best Extend version because they are level 54, better than Bakarma, Lannok... the quest would deliver 30 X items, a good amount from Kinah, Craft some items, on my server we did that Example of required resources: 120 x Heart of Magic (it's the item to make Fenri's/Miragent, but we can add it as a Reward in Siege of Balaurea) so the player needs to win Siege of Balaurea 120x, we can put it to win 2 when defending and 1 when attacking/conquering, this will encourage players to try to defend at all costs and conquer the fortress of the enemy map which is much more difficult, but it will be very rewarding for Plates and assassins, these weapons are very good, besides they will gain more Enchant than the opposing race 1000 x Elatrite Gem (Craft item, the player will need to collect Elatrite, craft the Elatrite Gem) 50kk in Kinah (we can look for an item that sells on the NPC and put it to need X amount of it so that the player needs to spend 50kk on the NPC) 1000x Magical Aether

Limit Xforms to Governors and Commanders only Limiting the xforms so that we can only have 4 xforms at the beginning of the server, as it grows we will release the Great Generals too, but while the server doesn't hit about 400 players on, we keep only the 4 xforms, that killed the Aion America 4.6 Siege with 200 players, including 50 Xform, it's not even fun to go Siege remove the relics Just edit the relic quests to give 1 AP, so the only way to get Ap on the server is by doing Dredgion and PvP, no farming AP with PvE (for me the biggest mistake of Aion) We can leave the AP Loss rate low so that people can only start losing a lot of AP in Xform ranks Remove the Godstones Keep Godstones just for Skin Siege NPC's Add Respawn to Siege NPC's, I managed to do this in Aion Lightning once, I don't remember very well how, but I needed to change some line there that disabled respawn, Siege NPC's don't respawn, the idea is to add respawn to them, and put some 4 NPC's around the boss, for example, fortress is Asmodian, add 4 guards around the Boss with respawn every 5 minutes, we can put about 3 more guards scattered in points inside the fortress, the idea is that we can edit these spawns as one race starts to stand out against the other, for example, asmodians are very strong, we start to buff these guards when the fortress is elyos, we can increase their HP a little, reduce the respawn from 5 to 4 minutes, these are examples for us to be able to help a race when it is short of players, this we can keep for us without informing the players, this is something to think about, in RF Online there was a similar balancing system, there in the race wars , had NPC's around the Boss and these NPC's were stronger according to the performance of the races in previous wars, it was a good way to balance the wars. We can use the status of the NPCs with 12k HP and 5 min respawn as a base, the guard is not very strong and we can at least piss off the attacker a little bit, we can add Balaur Spawn too, some balaur very weak, just so the player doesn't have to be logging in char alt to kill, he goes there and kills Balaur and that's it, you don't have to be with this witch of logging in Alt

enchant system Modify the Enchants System (João already did this for me once on Aion Lightning, I don't know if it's possible to do this on your server) Create 5 types of Enchants. Examples of Enchantments: Enchant A = use the black stone 100% Enchant B = use Purple stone 85% Enchant C = use green stone 45% Enchant D = use Blue stone 25% Enchant E = use white stone 15% Enchant And 15% success Place to drop on Beshmundir bosses, each Boss will drop from 3 to 10 enchants (these amounts of all 5 types I need to think carefully and do tests to see the most balanced way) Enchant D 25% success - Place as a reward for those who lose the Dredgion, 1 for each PT player Enchant C 45% success - Put for whoever wins the Dredg, 1 for each PT member Enchant B 85% success - For the race that wins the Siege, 1 per player that manages to attack and conquer the fortress and 2 if the player manages to defend the fortress and keep it, so it is much more advantageous for the race to fight and strive to taking and keeping the fortress than leaving the fortress to the opposing race Enchant A(Untradeable) 100% success - In the cash store, you can only buy 1 per week or every 15 days per account and if you can put it in a way to not be able to send it as a gift to another player, the goal is us make a little money every week from P2W without leaving much P2W, it will not be an instant P2W and we are not selling an item that only those who can pay have access, what we are selling is an item to accelerate the evolution of the player, this type of P2W in games is quite acceptable

Note: If it is possible to place the PvP Items with a 15% reduction in the chance, for example when using an enchant C of 45% success in PVE item, the chance will be 45%, already in the PvP item this chance will be 30% Note 2: I know it must be difficult to do this, but we need to put a 1% reduction at each level of the enchantment, for example a PVE item is based on 15% success with Enchant E, at +0 to +1, from +1 to +2 this chance drops by 1%, so the base chance goes to 14% (this I can still think better if 1% is a good value or if it could be something else) Obs 3: we need to remove the regression when the enchant fails, for example it failed, the enchant level remains the same, so the enchant rate can be low, because the player will not be wasting his time, one hour the enchant will going in, this business of regressing is very frustrating for people, because you dedicate a lot of time to farming the enchants, then it fails and regresses, you lose all the time you played, you throw your time in the trash, not on our server, man it will grind, grind and it may fail several times, but one hour it will enter and it will always be evolving, never regressing Create an Enchant Upgrade System Create a quest or an NPC like the one that upgrades the weapons/crucible set, to upgrade the enchants, we can also create a craft recipe if it's easier to do, for example, 3 Enchants type E, take it to the NPC and turn it into 1 Enchant type D, 3 Enchant Type D, transforms into 1 enchant type C and so on..., we can put it to need 3 Enchant + 1 item, type 1 Catalyst item

Temporary title for beginners Create a title for beginners, we did this in Abyss, it was a title that came when creating the Character, the title card lasted 24 hours, the player had 24 hours to click and activate the title card, then the title lasted 7 days ( in the future if the players increase a lot we can increase it to 15) Title status: HP +1500 Atk Speed +2% Casting Speed +2% Speed +5% PvP Defense +7% 7 days duration

Create Wings with PvP status The idea is to create temporary PvP wings, which last 14 days, the reason is to put them up for sale for Kinah, they are the best wings on the server, so every 14 days the player has to farm Kinah to buy back the wing, in addition to buying the consumables, pot, scroll... the longevity of our server will be thanks to Farm, the player will have to farm Kinah to buy wings, farm enchants, farm AP in PvP, Stormwings items don't matter if they drop a lot, because they will only be the early Game, the Mid game and Late game will take a long time, and it will not be something blocked with Coldown from DG, it will be limited by the time available that the guy has to play, if he is a crackhead he he'll be able to farm Kinah a lot, buy enchant from others, do PvP... if he's a guy who has little time to play, he'll have to divide his time, one day farm Kinah, another day do PvP, another day dedicate to craft... Create new Kisk's Create Kisks for Sieges, ally kisks cost about 150k more or less, the only difference is that they have a greater number of times to use until they break and have a little more HP, but it is very little HP, an assassin can break with a very fast burst, what is the idea, is to create a Kisk that is sold on the NPC by Kinah, but for a very high price, like 5kk, making this Kisk viable only for Siege to demand a greater strategy from the players when breaking these kisks, the kisks that are already in the game, only 1 assassin can break easily, with this buffed kisk players will need to organize a larger group of players to break it, demanding more strategy, for example, creating a group of assassins to hunt kisk , we can put his HP around 70k or 90k, the normal Kisk I think has about 10k of life, I don't remember, but we check that Adjust the amount of DP for Morph Adjust the amount of DP from 200 to 300 to morph some items, the morphs of Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire... Then I have to see the items to craft DP Pudding, HP Pot and adjust this to be balanced, the idea is the following, with 200 DP, it is a little easier for the guys who are doing PvP and killing mobs to morph the materials to scroll/pot, the idea is to create some points for collecting these materials in Gelkmaros and Inggison to make the players go there to collect and have PvP in these areas, this is to relieve the Zerg a little in the PvP zones, and when increasing from 200 to 300 is a little more difficult to morph and makes it more advantageous to collect items, myself when I played Aion, I crafted my scrolls, pots... and as I lived in PvP, I always morphed items, so collecting for me was unnecessary, we need become necessary, if the guy doesn't want to collect, he buys the scrolls/pot from another player, or he will have to dedicate his time to collect, I already created a spots once, I know very good places for us to put these spots in gelk and ingg edit two titles We need to edit two titles, to make them temporary for 15 days, it will be another way for the player to burn his Kinah every 15 days and need to use the farm spots The title stats will be slightly better than Fenri's/Miragent titles and worse than Top Gun, in my two Abyss they had these titles, the idea worked out very well, as I said, the longevity of the server will be guaranteed by the economy, players will always have to farm Kinah to stay competitive on the server physical title 5% speed 2% atk speed 4% Fly Speed Magic Title: 5% speed 2% Cast Speed 4% Fly Speed farm zones Create Kinah Farm zones in Silentera, this I did in the abyss, it's a piece of cake Create Manastone Farm zones in gelk/inggison Creating Farm zones for Gathering materials (Ruby, Saphire, Diamond) in gelk/inggison, we remove the collection spots for these materials from Heiron/Beluslan or remove only some, making it more advantageous to farm in gelkmaros/inggison to disperse the Zerg, the player who will hunt PvP he can hunt in Silentera the players farming Kinah, he can hunt the players making the Daily of Platinum Medal, he can hunt the players collecting these materials

Other videos

if anyone is interested, my idea is for someone to help program and manage it with me, the server's income would be divided equally, all initial costs would be financed by me, I appreciate the interest if it manifests itself in someone, thanks for the space

The exemple from the tittle i suggested


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Aug 6, 2021
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  1. aion servers are dead(even retail classic NA I'm playing right now is dead)

  2. an aion core is relatively simple to develop but perfecting it takes A LOT of time.

  3. Software Engineers(or from your POV Developers) don't work on speculative income from a project, else how would we ensure we get paid? The server could shutdown tomorrow and we haven't been paid anything. You'd need to provide legally binding contractual obligations to the individuals you have help you develop your project so in the event we don't get paid, we can sue you later.

  4. Everyone has dreams of having the biggest and bestest servers with the most AHMAZING content to bring in hundreds of thousands of players... then they get smacked back into reality and within a week or two(maybe a month if you are lucky) the server shuts down, the developers don't get paid anything so their time is wasted, you have high chances of custom code now getting leaked to the public and there are sour faces all round.

    This is exactly why I work on my own core in my spare time using my own technologies and don't need to code in fear that my hard work will be taken from me and plastered all over the internet. I'm not trying to be rude, just being honest and telling you how it usually goes having had my technical expertise in many closed source aion emulation projects over the years.

    No, I don't want to work on your project. Please don't message me about it.
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