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[RULES] Habbo Hotel Section Rules [UPDATED: 13/02/2018]

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Aug 8, 2004
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Habbo Hotel - Development - Tutorials - Help - Releases

Make sure you follow and understand the forum rules. Click here to view the forum rules These rules apply to the whole Habbo Hotel forum.

Habbo Hotel Rules

These rules apply to all sub sections of the Habbo Hotel section.

  • No show of autorithy. (eg: 'Wrong section', 'Spamming', 'Stay ontopic')
  • Post in the Habbo Hotel Help section if you need help. Create your own thread, do not bring up old threads.
  • Posting to a troll thread will get you warned and / or infracted. Report instead!
  • Do not post personal information about other people.

[Habbo Releases Rules

What you're allowed to post in the Releases section:

  • Emulators
    • Fixes
    • Addons (It is recommended, not required, to post seperate snippets for fixes and or addons instead of a full emulator release.)
  • Server and / or client files (SWF-, DCR-, txt- files.)
  • Content Management Systems. (CMS')
  • Anything else that is not breaking the rules and supporting Habbo Hotel private servers / development.

What you're allowed to post in the Customs & Layouts section:

  • Custom Furniture
  • Custom Badges
  • CMS Pages:
    • Plugins.
    • Page edits.
    • Page fixes.
    • Layouts.

The Posting Rules:

These rules also apply to the Customs & Layouts section.

  • Every release must atleast include 1 screenshot / image (For customs e.g. Badges and furniture, a image of each custom must be visible on the thread, a group image of all items is acceptable). These are mostly applied to CMS' and whole Customs & Layouts sections. Anything that also includes ingame features shall also contain a screenshots (such as for repairs or emulators), in which you shall provide some proof of some of the ingame features. If a moderator suspects that the thread doesn't have enough proof of validation, he must require the OP to add screenshots or/and snippets.
    This helps partially prove the validity of threads. Failure to provide a screenshot will result in a warning and thus an infraction.
  • Asking for help in a release thread is not allowed. Create a thread here. All questions related to azure must be maded in this thread.
  • Release the content in your release in the first post.
  • When posting client files, include the RELEASE- Version. (eg: RELEASE-20140303-123321123)

Habbo Help Rules

When asking for help:

  • Read: http://forum.ragezone.com/f282/rules-habbo-hotel-section-rules-228541-post8635125/#post8635125
  • Search before you post a thread.
  • The thread title must include the software name. (eg: Phoenix - White client on connect. MySQL - Inserting catalog data)
  • If you have fixed the problem, tell in the post what the solution was. This helps other people in the future with the same issue.
  • Report your thread when the problem has been solved.
  • Don't ask people to create you a server.
  • Keep the problem on the forums, don't ask people to add you on skype, facebook etc.
  • Post as much information as possible. If your thread is lacking information it will be removed.
  • If you have a request, add the [REQUEST] tag to your thread title.
  • If you have multiple issues, ask them in one thread. Do not create seperate threads for them.

When replying to a help thread:

  • Don't ask people their skype, facebook or anything else. Keep it on the forums.
  • Don't ask for money.
  • Keep it in the thread, don't go with Private Messaging eachother.

Habbo Hotel Tutorials Rules

These are the rules you are required to follow when posting to a thread or posting a thread in the tutorials section:

  • Post only Habbo related to tutorials.
  • Do not request for help.
  • Do not make excessive use of BBCode. (Colors, Styles)
  • Do not request tutorials.
  • When certain things have to be downloaded, provide download links or links to threads at the beginning of your post.

These are tips when posting to the tutorials section. You are not required to follow these however the community greatly appreciate it when you follow some of the tips below:

  • Use the [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] tags to hide your images.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Provide as much detail as possible.

Habbo Development Rules

What can be posted:

  • Any server/emulator that is in a development stage.
  • Any developing project that eventually will belong in releases.
  • Details of the development.
  • How far your development is going.
  • At least one screenshot and or snippet of your development.


  • Do not post development threads that you are not planning releasing eventually.
  • Do not post hotel developments and / or advertisements.
  • Do not create threads for custom furniture, badge or layout developments. Just release them.
  • Do not make requests for something to be made.
  • Do not create threads that do not provide anything for the Habbo Hotel section.
  • Do not create threads seeking people to start a new development.
  • When you are already in development stage and you want people to join your team, ask them to PM you. Do not discuss this in your development thread.
  • Code snippets are required to help in showing the legitimacy of your development.
  • Developments that have not had any post updates in over a month by the developer will be closed.

Habbo General Discussion Rules

This section is divided in two subsections. Official Habbo Chat (which contains debates about Official Habbo Hotel ONLY. No retro discussions should belong here!) and Retro Habbo chat (which is anything about retros). The rules below applies to BOTH subsections.

  • Post in the correct section! If it's about Habbo Retros, post in the Retro Habbo Chat, if not, on Official Habbo Chat.
  • This is a discussion section! Feel free to leave your opinions. If you agree with someone, use thanks/like button or dislike/disagree button (abusiving this feature as a show of love/hate with someone might get you an infraction).
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Feb 10, 2007
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Further Sub-Rules (Important!)

Hello fellow members of the Habbo Hotel Section,

You should all be aware of the moderating team's actions regarding threads and or posts that violate the rules. Please remember that it isn't completely our job to baby sit you, you have to be responsible of your actions. If you receive an infraction and or warning from the Moderating Team, a full elaborated reason as to why you were given an infraction will be sent to you prior the second the infraction was given. If you believe you've received an infraction and or warning on something you honestly didn't do, no one is stopping you from appealing said infraction/warning. You are free to notify a Super Moderator of the fault. Of course, you must provide some proof/evidence as to why your infraction should be reversed. Failure to do this will obviously have your appeal statement denied.

These are the actions a moderator is free to do in this section:
  1. Close a thread (with given reason upon closure of thread) for being in the wrong section and move it (*SEE #2).
  2. Close a thread (with given reason upon closure of thread) for being in the wrong section and not have to move it.
  3. Close a thread (with given reason upon closure of thread) for being irrelevant.
  4. Close a thread (with given reason upon closure of thread) and ban said user IF committed a MAJOR OFFENSE.
  5. Give an infraction to any given member at any time if they have committed an offense.
  6. Give a warning to any given member at any time if they have committed an offense.
  7. Delete a POST without a giving a reason to user. Moderators will most likely leave a note to fellow moderators of the section to notify them of the reason as to why the post was deleted.
  8. Delete a POST with a given reason as to why it was deleted.
  9. Delete a POST and BAN said user IF a serious offense.
  10. Ignore a conversation regarding an infraction and or warning.
A moderator is hand picked by the current moderating team and or a Super Moderator because they believe that this individual will be responsible and uphold the rules. Moderators aren't commanded by users, they are free to do anything they wish if deemed necessary. If you believe a moderator is abusing his/her powers, feel free to contact a Super Moderator immediately! Of course, performing a false accusation will most likely earn your account a ban from the forum. So only 'snitch' on a moderator, if you think you're definitely right.

These are things that you SHOULD NOT expect a moderator to do WITHOUT TELLING THE MODERATOR TO DO IT FOR YOU:
  1. Move a thread (without receiving an infraction/warning) for being in the wrong section.
  2. Delete a thread (without receiving an infraction/warning) for being in the wrong section.
  3. Close a thread (without receiving an infraction/warning) for being filled with spam.
  4. Delete a post (without receiving an infraction/warning) for violating the rules.
If you happen to spot a violation within the contents of your posts/threads, feel free to alert a moderator(s) to change it immediately. This will tell us that you are responsible enough to attempt to take care of your own faults. Doing this earlier (before a moderator sees it WITHOUT NOTICE) will excuse you for an infraction/warning.

To clarify some questions; Moderators are NOT expected to move threads for being placed in an incorrect section. It is YOUR responsibility to check what section you're posting in. It is YOUR responsibility to notify a Moderator of an accidental action you performed. Moderators are NOT responsible for baby sitting you.

Another quick note; Moderators can care less if you've had a bad day and decide to come on the forum to post your vile thoughts. It is YOUR responsibility to keep your attitude all well for everyone around the forum. It will not be used as an excuse to excuse yourself from an infraction. If you're not feeling very positive, GET OUT!

Thanks for your attention,

Added Rules By Section Moderators:

  • Don't post more than one help thread, as it is not necessary and you will be infracted/warned. Post your questions all in one help thread!!
  • Be respectful to ALL Moderator's, they are here to help you, NOT look after you.
  • Also goes for members too, be respectful to all members or you will be warned/infracted.
  • Is a member bothering you? Report to a Moderator so it can be handled. Don't go and take action at the member or both of you will be infracted/warned.
  • If you find anything in the wrong section, or spam - be sure to report it, so it will get taken care of. Don't post shit like "Wrong section noob" or "gtfo the forums", This is Spam and will receive an infraction or a warning.
  • Use common knowledge and sense when it comes to posting. Always post in English! This is an English forum. Posting in other languages will just get yourself banned. Use Google Translator if you need it. Located here.
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