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[Rules] Section Rules - [Updated] : 2/14/11

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Sep 30, 2006
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General Rules - Whole Section
  • At LEAST read all stickies before posting... If you ask something that's answered in a sticky you will get an infraction.
  • Try to use understandable English. (If you're too hard to understand I will delete your thread.)
  • Title your topics with enough info to know generally whats in it (Including adding tags, ie:[Help], [Release], [Guide], etc)
  • Main forum is for Discussion of Loong servers in general. Put everything else in the correct Sub-Section (listed below)
  • If its been posted and you plan to add info on the subject 99% of the time you should just reply to the original thread(idc about necro if you're contributing to the original)
  • Stay on topic

Development Section Rules
  • This section is for projects that are IN DEVELOPMENT and NOT for Releases, Help, Recruitment or anything else
  • Fake development threads will receive an infraction and thread will be deleted
  • MUST post some info on the development process(Current status, new info, etc)
  • Websites, PHP Scripts and any other such small projects should not be posted about in development section.
  • General rule of thumb if your project is not about an incomplete project that you are CURRENTLY working on -OR- Is a project that will be completed in less then a couple days it probably won't belong in development

Release Section Rules
  • Release section is for releasing of projects that are at least MOSTLY complete.
  • If your project is still being developed(ie Not Functional/not at least MOSTLY complete) post it in Development section instead.
  • Release section is NOT a showoff section. If you have nothing to release don't post.
  • Links to websites(ie The game homepage) are NOT releases, Links to single guides are NOT releases. If there is no download it is not a release.

Tutorial Section Rules
  • Guide section is for the posting of Guides/Tutorials/How-Tos
  • If a Guide is already posted and you are just adding info to it please reply to the original guide rather than making a new topic
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