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RYL 1 Plugin development

Initiate Mage
Nov 27, 2013
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Hello everyone!

Find plugins for RYL 1 is a hard task, so I decided to develop these DLLs on my own. It's still an initial project, but I'm already having good results.

The plugin in question here will work to change the fame dynamics. For now, I have only developed the part that allows changing the calculation of solo fame to a value defined in a configuration file (famePerKill.ini). You can change the fame value in real time, in other words, you dont need to restart your map if you want to change the fame per kill values.

How to use
To use the plugin, simply hook the DLL into your RYLGameServer.exe or use some loader (loader.dll + loader.txt), after that, create the .ini file (famePerKill) in your server folder.

Download link:


Next features I plan to implement:
  • Fame calculation for parties
  • Granting EXP when killing a player
  • Granting an item reward when killing a player

REMEMBER, this DLL is not ready yet and I do not recommend using it in production servers.