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RZ 1v1 ladder

Jan 1, 2003
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(posted in general as its just an idea atm)

hey i just had a brain wave hit me, as we all play loads of different games why dont we set up a few ladder systems???
Basically people are randomly allocated a slot on the ladder, or lets say alphabeticall or reverse alpha.. then the ladder starts, say its for cs you have to play some1 within 2 places of your self or higher to prevent ladder hopping. When you challenge someone higher than yourself and you beat them you are given their slot on the board and they and everyone else are moved down a slot this is better than simply exchanging places as it encourages people to keep on playing rather than say get 3rd place and hardly play to try and stay there.
I think it would work really well and it would be a good way to compare skills and get better in a tourny style fashion :)
We could have all types of games, CS, Q3A, UT, CnC rpgs dont really count due to items, lvl, etc this ladder would be an "on the day" skill test.
I know for sure we have enough people to create a cs ladder and we could always make more with enough interest :)
When you have played a game you would report back to whoever is incharge of the ladder and they could update it, obviously take a win screen screeny just incase but i doubt anyone here would lie about something like this hehe :)
Let me know what you think guys im really up for it