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[SAMP] Crystal Generation Gaming - Roleplay server

Nov 5, 2013
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jxPT5b - [SAMP] Crystal Generation Gaming - Roleplay server - RaGEZONE Forums


CGG is a medium role play server and is currently in it's early stages, with a lot of improvements to come in the future. Our current staff team has been in a variety of other servers, which will benefit us as a community to make our server one of the best out there. Our server has a variety of things you can role play yourself as and we hope you enjoy your experience while playing on this server


We have the most unique scripting features a server can get, and we are still improving them. We update our server to the best of our ability to give you the best role play experience you could possibly get.
We also have quite a few jobs, so tts.cggaming.nethere's a big variety that can earn you some pretty easy cash.

Unique Features

Players start off with 5 vehicle slots as a non VIP member (VIP members can own more, depending on the VIP level)
Players can lock their vehicle(s), to avoid it being stolen.
Players can purchase toys from the clothing store with (/buytoys)
There are also a lot of other features this server brings.

House Features

Non vip players can own a hous, but only one. (VIP members can own more )
Players can sell and/or buy a house. (prices vary, depending on the location)
Players can deposit and withdraw money, drugs, weapons, and materials from their house.
Players can get gates placed around their house for privacy concerns.

Business Features

Players can own a business.
Players can sell and/or buy a business as well as sell it.
Players can upgrade their businesses, depending on the business sells.
Players can profit quite a bit off of business's (depending on the location)

Job Features

Mechanic job

The mechanic job is a job that allows you to respond to people's calls who are stranded and possibly have no gas and/or totaled. Your task as a mechanic, is to refill the vehicle (/refill) or repair it (/fix), depending on the situation. You're able to go on duty with any vehicle but you only get 30 seconds to reach the player before you're out of time.

As a benefit of being a mechanic you're able to give people nos (/nos) and/or hydraulics (/hyd).

Taxi Job

The taxi job is pretty much the same as the mechanic job. The few differences between the two are, obviously the taxi job can't (/hyd) or (/fix) but the taxi job's main purpose is to accept the calls from the people who may be stranded and in need of a ride, with the command (/fare) you're able to go on taxi duty and accept the people in need of your service, with an unlimited time to respond but you should still try to reach your destination as soon as possible. Once the passengar is picked up depending on your fare (/fare) price you'll gain.

Pizza Boy

We all know this is the most common starter job and it can easily bring in some bucks, pretty self explanatory. This job allows you to be a pizza boy and deliver pizza's.



San Andreas Armed Forces

San Andreas Investigational Agency

San Andreas State Police

Dept. of Prison and Public Safety

San Andreas Emergency Services

We are not looking for Staff members and faction leaders/members
For Advisor/helper contact public Relations
For Factions/gangs contact Samp Operations so do
NOT join the server and use /report for staff position

I'm sure you're getting sick of reading, why don't you come check out the great experience our server brings to you samp.cggaming.net:7777

Server Information

Server IP Address (Roleplay) : samp.cggaming.net:7777
Server IP Address (Dayz) : samp.cggaming.net:7776
TeamSpeak Server: ts.cggaming.net

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