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May 16, 2014
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( I am a high ranking admin on the server, so I can post this )
First off, I'd like to thank everyone who even bother's to read this thread, and even more so if you check us out ingame! We are a Light-Medium RP server, but some player's RP more heavily than others. We are running off a modified WC:RP script, which is updated by our scripter/owner Micheal. We have factions, families, drugs, mat's, donations and more. Our server is still getting on it's feet, we average from 5-20 players at our peak. Most of our player's are from Europe, but some are from North America and so on. We have an amazing admin team designed to keep the rulebreakers out to make your experience the best it can be, as well as a team of Helper's to answer all your questions.

We have a handful of donation packages you can choose from, ranging from $10 - $30, but you can donate more or less if you wish. Every donation package comes with DP's, or Donator Points. These can be spent on name changes, VIP Cars (Bullet, Hotring's, Monster etc), custom phone numbers and so on.

We have several factions, ranging from FBI to LSFD. However, due to low playerbase some of these are closed (Hitman, DoC, SASD, SANews). So that's why we need you, the players, to come on to our server and help us become the well known server all of us want. Every Faction has a varying amount of ranks, from 6-16. Each rank get's it's own paycheck, which is automatically added onto your /sc every hour.

Our family system is simple, but fun. To create a family (Currently closed), you apply on our forums, and if you're accepted, it will be created ingame. You can then recruit members, take over turfs and points for profit, and engage in shootouts with rival gangs.

Screenshots (Sorry for the darkness, my ENB does that when I take screenshots)
yCvgkbQ - [SAMP LSS:RP] SA:MP RP Server - RaGEZONE Forums

AAvDZfc - [SAMP LSS:RP] SA:MP RP Server - RaGEZONE Forums

If you did bother to read this, thanks. And if you decide to come and play on our server, I thank you even more.

Forums: http://www.syndicalrp.com/forum/index.php
Server IP:
Info: 100 Slots, Hosted by Hostskool, Customised WC:RP Script, Sever is based in the US (It was, I believe it still is after we switched hosts),

( I didn't see anywhere saying I can't post our forums, if I can't, could a mod remove it )


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