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Feb 23, 2003
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Who the duck do you think you are?

savage-fromHell said:
sorry i didnt know this was a spelling contest and i dont know what your problem is but your acting like a jerk to me and others

and i like how you can say i dont have a life when you live on the other side of the world and havent met me

so if your are just going to be jerk y dont you do us all a favor and leave

Me leave? Excuse me witch, who the duck are you to tell me to leave. You've been here 1 month. Your a no-body, you think that me leaving would do "all" a favor?Don't think so son. All as in whom? Because Im mates with near enuff every single RZ user who posts in general.

An me being a "jerk" ? If you wouldnt have slagged off rap music, I wouldnt of said a word to you, but you did so duck you.
Not open for further replies.